Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 2:10-19

Book 5: Chapter 2

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 2: Verses 10-19
An account of Agnidhra

(Pointing to the sweet jingling of her anklets) We simply hear, 0 sage, the (dulcet) notes of the partridges locked up in the cages of your feet-notes which are distinctly heard though (their source in the shape of the birds is) invisible. (Referring to her loin cloth) Wherefrom did you get the yellow splendour resembling that of a Kadamba flower on your beautiful circular hips? (Pointing to the girdle) They are (also) girdled with a belt of fire ! But (by the by) where is your bark-covering ? (Pointing to her conical breasts) What lies treasured up, O holy Brahmana, in (yonder) two horns of yours, which you carry (in your bosom) though you are (so) slender at your waist-and upon which my eyes are riveted ? (Again) unique is the scarlet and fragrant paste on your horns, with which, O beautiful one, you are perfuming my hermitage ! Be pleased to show me your native place, 0 great friend, the inhabitants of which carry on their bosom in this way such a strange pair of limbs that agitate the mind of people like me, and many a wonderful treasure like sweetness (in the shape of sweet words), amorous gestures and nectar (flowing from their lips) in their mouth. (Pointing to the betel leaves that were being chewed by her) What is the (kind of) food with which you nourish your body ? For from the chewing thereof, O dear one, issues (from your mouth) an aroma as of oblations poured into the sacred fire.

Surely you are a ray of Lord Visnu (the Protector of the universe); that is why your ears (like His) are adorned with brilliant ear-rings resembling two unwinking alligators. (And) your countenance is akin to a lake with its bewildered eyes resembling two leaping fish, its snow-white rows of teeth corresponding to swans and its mass of curly hair appearing like swarms of honey-bees hovering close at hand. The yonder ball, which when struck by your lotus-like hand flies about in all directions, makes my eyes roll about, my mind being (already) confounded. (Oh), do you not mind your unloosed braid of curly locks ? (And) to ! this mischievous and lustful breeze is blowing off your lower garment. Through what (kind of) austerities did you secure this beautiful form, O great ascetic, wrecking as it does the austerities of others practising them ? You ought to practise asceticism with me, O friend ! Or tnay be Brahma himself (who is intent on extending his creation) has shown his grace to me (by sending you to me for a wife). I shall not forgo you, my beloved friend, who have been conferred on me by Brahma (lit., the adored of the twice-born). Neither my mind nor my eyes turn away (from you), fastened as they are on you. Be pleased (therefore) to take me, your servant, O fair-bosomed damsel ! wheresoever you please, and let these obedient companions (of yours) follow me. Sri Suka went on : By thus employing a language clever in expressing sensual things, prince Agnidhra, who possessed the intelligence of gods and proved a past master in winning over the young woman, propitiated that celestial damsel by showing her great regard. She too, whose mind was captivated by the intelligence, amiability, comeliness, youth, splendour and nobility of that leading hero, then enjoyed with that lord of (the entire) Jambudwipa earthly as well as celestial pleasures for a period extending over ten crore years. Through her, it is said, that foremost of kings, Agnidhra, begot nine sons--Nabhi, Kimpurusa, Harivarsa, llavrta, Ramyaka, Hiranmaya, Kuru, Bhadraswa and Ketumala by name.



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