Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 26:12-17

Book 5: Chapter 26

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 26: Verses 12-17
A description of the infernal regions

Quite similar is (the hell called) Maharaurava (a class of) Rurus, called Kravyadas (flesh-eaters, so-called because of their being carnivorous by nature) kill for the sake of flesh the man who solely nourishes (here) his own body (hating others), and (consequently) falls into that region. Again, in (the hell called) Kumbhipaka in the region, the servants of Yama fry in boiling oil that merciless fellow, censured even by the Raksasas (those feeding on the human flesh), who is actually so cruel as to cook beasts and birds alive. Further, he who is hostile to his (own) father, a Brahmana, or the Vedas is thrown into the hell called Kalasutra, (consisting of) a burning level sheet of copper, having a circumference of ten thousand Yojanas and being excessively heated (both) above and below by the sun and fire (respectively); and his mind and body being tormented with hunger and thirst, he continues (there) for as many thousand years as there are hair on the body of a beast (for, in fact, he is no better than a beast)-(now) sitting, (now) lying down and rolling about (restlessly), and (now) springing on his feet and running in every direction. Him, again, who actually deviates here from the path chalked out for him by the Vedas, otherwise than in an emergency (warranting such a course) and embraces a heretic creed, the servants of Yama throw into (the hell called) Asipatravana (a cluster of trees having sword-like leaves) and beat with a whip. Actually running there to and fro with all his limbs being torn by the sword-like leaves-sharp-edged on both sides-of the palmyra trees in that grove, and crying 'Ah ! I am finished!' he drops down unconscious at every step through excessive agony and, apostate as he is, reaps the fruit of the sin attaching to heretics.

Again, a king or a king's officer who inflicts punishment on one undeserving of punishment or corporal punishment on a Brahmana-such an atrocious soul falls hereafter into the hell known as Sukaramukha. With his limbs being crushed by most powerful hands even as a piece of sugar-cane is crushed (in a cane-crushing machine) here, he is filled with (great) consternation (now) shrieking in a piteous tone and now fainting, even like men who were detained by him here, though not found guilty. Again, he indeed whose mode of life in this world (regulated by a number of injunctions and interdictions based on the division of society into so many Varnas or grades and Asramas or stages in life) has been determined by the Cosmic Person Himself (by assigning the different parts of His Body to the four Varnas-the mouth to the Brahmanas, the arms to the Ksatriyas, the thighs to the Vaisyas and the feet to the Sudras) and by whom the agony of others is (easily) understood (inferred from his own experience) and who (nonetheless) inflicts pain on creatures whose means of living (such as sucking the human blood) have been (similarly) determined by God (appearing as the Creator) and by which the agony of others is not known (inasmuch as they are devoid or reason and as such incapable of drawing conclusions) descends after death into (the hell called) Andhakupa because of his hatred towards those creatures. Being actually hated on all sides in that region by deer and other beasts, birds and reptiles, mosquitoes and lice, bugs and flies and other living beings-whatsoever were killed by him (here)-he has his sleep and peace of mind disturbed and, finding no rest (anywhere), roams about in darkness just as the Jiva (an embodied soul) remains restless in an unsound (diseased) body.



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