Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 25:10-15

Book 5: Chapter 25

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 25: Verses 10-15
A supplement to the description of the subterranean system

The same Brahma (transcendent Reality), in which appears as distinct this manifest (gross) and unmanifest (subtle) creation, assumed out of abounding compassion for us a form-consisting of Sattva (which is) entirely pure (unmixed with Rajas and Tamas)--by which He chose to enact faultless (innocent) sports in order to captivate the minds of His devotees, possessed as He is of unlimited energy like a lion (the king of beasts). (Even) if a fallen man in distress utters His name (as) heard (from the mouth of a preceptor or anyone else) or even by chance, or (even) in a spirit of ridicule, he (not only purifies himself then and there but) wipes out at once all the sin of (even other) men (who merely think of him, much more of those who see him)! Whom other than Lord Sesa (who grants the privilege of His service to those who seek refuge in Him) should one seeking Liberation have recourse to?

Who can (hope to) exhaust by counting, even if endowed with a thousand tongues, the (list of) exploits of that infinite Lord, whose prowess cannot at all be measured because of its unlimited nature, and on whose (one) head has been placed (by Him of His own free will) the terrestrial globe-with (all its) mountains, rivers, oceans and (numberless) living beings like a (mere) atom, while He is possessed of a thousand (such) heads? Such is the glory of Lord Ananta, possessed of infinite strength and numberless virtues and potencies, who supports the earth (on one of His heads) as a (mere) sport (without any effort) for the maintenance of the entire creation, residing below the earth,_ Himself supported by ( none but) His own Self." These indeed are the only destinations (regions) in this universe to be reached (as a reward for merit) by men-seeking (their) desired blessings-according to (the nature of their) actions, and created (by God). They have been described (by me) as I was taught (by my revered father and preceptor, the sage Vedavyasa). I have described at length, in response to your queries, the diverse destinies (both) high and low, reached as a reward of virtue in the form of activity practised by man, which are only so many, 0 king, (Pariksit)! What else shall we discourse upon?

Thus ends the twenty-fifth discourse entitled "A supplement to the description of the subterranean system" in Book Five of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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