Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 19:11-21

Book 5: Chapter 19

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 19: Verses 11-21
The description of Jambudwipa concluded

"Hail to the Lord, denoted by the mystical syllable OM, who is given to self-control and is (absolutely) free from the attributes of body and senses etc., (which are other than the Self) ! Hail to Nara-Narayana, the foremost of sages, the wealth of those who have nothing (to call their own) !! Hail, hail to the supreme Teacher of ascetics of the highest order and the Lord of those who revel in the Self !!!" Again, he sings the following (praises):-"Hail to Him who, though the Maker of this (universe), does not get bound to the functions of creation etc., (by recognizing Himself as the doer), who though invested with a body, is not affected by the attributes of a body (hunger, thirst and so on) and whose vision, though He is all-seeing, is not tainted by the qualities (of that which He sees)-(to sum up,) who is (absolutely) unattached, pure and a (mere) witness. Indeed here in, O'Master of Yoga, lies the proficiency in Yoga (mind-control), of which the glorious Brahma (who was born of a golden lotus sprung from the navel of Lord Visnu) has spoken, viz., that, having given up (all) identification with the body, one should concentrate one's mind on You, who are beyond the modes of Prakrti (all material phenomena), at the last moment (of one's life) through (the practice of) Devotion (continued from one's very birth). (All) effort (ln the direction of attaining wisdom through learning and other means) is mere (fruitless) labour on the part of him who, though learned (well-versed in the scriptures) is afraid of the loss of (his) contemptible (frail) body (even) like him (an ignorant person) who is addicted to the pleasures of this world as well as of that (the other world), and anxious about his sons, wife and possessions. Therefore, administer You to us that (supreme) remedy in the form of loving devotion to You, whereby we may (be able to) shake off soon, O Lord who are beyond sense-perception, the feeling of 'I' and 'mine' with respect to this contemptible (material) body, which (feeling) is so difficult to renounce, occasioned as it is by Your Maya (deluding potency)."

In this Bharatavarsa too there are a number of rivers and mountains, viz., Malaya, Mahgalaprastha, Mainaka, Trikuta, Rsabha, Kutaka, Kollaka, Sahya, Devagiri, Rsyamuka, Srisaila, Vehkata, Mahendra, Varidhara, Vindhya, Suktiman, Rksagiri, Pariyatra, Drona, Citrakuta, Govardhana, Raivataka, Kakubha, Nila, Gokamukha, Indrakila and Kamagiri, and other hundreds and thousands of mountains and there are countless big and small rivers flowing from their sides. The people of Bharatavarsa touch with their body too the water of these rivers, which purify; them by their very names. Candravasa Tamraparni, Avatoda, Krtamala, Vaihayasi, Kaveri, Vent, Payaswini, Sarkaravarta, Tungabhadra, Krsna, Venya, Bhimarathi, Godavari, Nirvindhya, Payosni, Tapi, Reva, Surasa, Narmada Carmanvati (and) Sindhu, two big rivers-Andha (Brahmaputra) and Sona (Sone)-Mahanadi, Vedasmrti, Rsikulya, Trisama, Kausiki, Mandakini, Yamuna, Saraswati, Drsadvati, Gomati, Sarayu, Rodhaswati Saptavati, Susoma, Satadru, Candrabhaga, Marudvrdha, Vitasta, Asikni (and) Viswa are (the names of) the principal rivers. It is by men born in this Varsa alone that manifold states of existence-celestial, human and infernal-are earned for the soul through actions of a Sattvika, Rajasika and Tamasika character respectively, performed by themselves; for all forms of existence can be attained by all according to (the quality of) their actions and final beatitude can also be achieved (by them) by discharging (in a disinterested spirit) the duties prescribed for each Varna or grade of society-final beatitude, which consists in an incessant flow of motiveless devotion to Lord Vasudeva, the Supreme Spirit, the Inner Controller of all living beings, who is free from partiality (and prejudice etc.), is beyond the range of speech and has nothing to rest on. It appears only when (the rare privilege of) close (loving) association with the servants of Lord Visnu (the Supreme Person) is had, which (again) is possible only when the knot of ignorance, the occasion for the various states of (mundane) existence, is cut asunder. The gods too extol human life (as follows):" Oh, what meritorious deed was performed (in a previous birth) by them-or it may be that Sri Hari was pleased with them of His own accord (through His own compassionate nature, such a meritorious deed being most difficult to perform,)-who have secured (the rare boon of) birth among human beings in the land of Bharatavarsa-(the only birth) suitable for the service of Lord Sri Visnu (the Bestower of Liberation), (and therefore) coveted (but not attained) even by us !



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