Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 15:11-16

Book 5: Chapter 15

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 15: Verses 11-16
An account of Priyavrata's posterity continued

The Vedas (that had been duly propitiated by him through a reverential and devoted study) as well as the Vedic rites (scrupulously and diligently performed by him) yielded to him all (sensuous) enjoyments even though he was free from (all) cravings. Again, honoured (by him with volleys of arrows) on the battle-field, (hostile) kings brought him (rich) tributes; while the Brahmanas, when propitiated with righteousness (the scrupulous performance of his sacred duties), yielded to him in the other world one-sixth of the blessings (earned by them through their religious austerities and sacrificial performances). While Indra (the chief of the gods and the lord of paradise) got inebriate at his sacrificial performance, where copious libations of the (intoxicating drink called) Soma were offered (to the gods entitled to a share in the sacrificial offerings), the Lord (Himself), who is the Soul of (all) sacrifices, accepted (in person) the reward of the sacrifice (in the form of religious merit), duly offered (by him) with reverence and in a spirit of pure (unalloyed) and unflinching Devotion. By propitiating the Lord, the entire creation from Brahma (the creator) down to the (other gods), men and the sub-human species of animate life as well as plants, including the smallest blade of grass is at once gratified.

The selfsame Lord (the Soul of the universe), who is (ever) pleased (all-blissful by nature), Himself felt palpably gratified at the sacrificial performance of Gaya I From (the loins of) Gaya, through (his wife) Gayanti, sprang up three sons, Citraratha, Sugati and Avarodhana by name; and from Citraratha, through Urna, came Samrat. From Samrat, through Utkala, sprang up Marici and from (the loins of) Marici, through Bindumati, Binduman was born. From Binduman, through Saragha appeared (a son) Madhu by name; from Madhu through Sumana, sprang up Viravrata and from Viravrata, through Bhoja, Manthu and Pramanthu were born; from Manthu, through Satya, appeared Bhauvana; from Bhauvana, through Dusana, Twasta was born; from Twasta, through Virocana, came Viraja; (and) from the loins of Viraja, through Visuci, were born a hundred sons, the eldest of whom was Satajit, and a daughter (too). About Viraja runs the following verse:"Viraja, the last-born (in the line), adorned this race of Priyavrata by his glory even as Lord Visnu brought glory to the gods (by appearing in their midst as Vamana, the divine Dwarf).

Thus ends the fifteenth discourse entitled "The posterity of Priyavrata, " in Book Five of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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