Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 4 Chapter 4:11-19

Book 4: Chapter 4

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 4: Chapter 4: Verses 11-19
Sate burns herself with the fire of Yoga

The worshipful goddess said,: None other than you would antagonize Him (Lord Siva), who is unsurpassed in this world, to whom no one is dear or hateful, who is the beloved Self of all embodied beings, nay, who is the cause of all and is free from enmity. People like you, O Brahmana, discover faults even in the virtues of others; but there are some pious souls who never do so. The greatest of all are they who are wont to magnify even the most trifling virtues (of others). You, however, have found fault even with such people. It is no wonder that those ignoble souls who declare the material body-which is no better than a corpse-as the self, always indulge in maliciously reveling exalted souls. Such a behaviour befits those people, since their glory is obscured by the dust of feet of those exalted souls. (Failing to reach the heights of glory attained by such exalted souls, they try to hide their shame by vilifying these people). You hate Lord Siva of sacred renown, whose command is inviolable, nay, whose (celebrated) name of two syllables (SIVA), uttered with the tongue even once and that too casually, immediately wipes out the sins of men (who utter them) ! You are a coursed indeed. You bear enmity to that Befriender of the universe, whose lotus-feet are not only resorted to by the bee-like minds of exalted souls, thirsting for honey in the shape of the joy of absorption in Brahma (the Absolute), but also shower the blessings sought after by interested people. Do not people other than you, such as Brahma (the creator) and others, who place on their heads flowers etc., dropped from His feet, know Him to be inauspicious, though bearing the appellation of Siva (all-auspicious)-Him who lived in the company of fiends in crematories, throwing about His matted locks and wearing on His person the wreaths lying there as well as the ashes (of funeral piles) and human skulls? A man should shut his ears and leave the place where his master-a defender of righteousness--is being vituperated by unbridled men, in case he is powerless (to take the life of the reviler or to lay down his own life); or, if he has the power, he should forcibly cut off the vile tongue that indulges in such blasphemy, and then give up his own life as well (if need be). Such is the course of duty. Therefore, I shall no longer retain this body, begotten of you, a vilifier of Lord Siva (the dark-necked) I For the wise declare that one gets purified only by vomiting the impure food consumed through ignorance. The mind of a great sage reveling in his own Self does not (invariably) follow the utterances of the Vedas (in the form of injunctions and interdictions). Just as the movements of an immortal and a human being vary (while the one can tread on air, the other can walk on solid ground alone), even so the ways of the enlightened and the ignorant are not alike. Therefore, while holding fast exclusively to one's own duty, one should never cast aspersions against another.



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