Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 4 Chapter 20:16-27

Book 4: Chapter 20

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 4: Chapter 20: Verses 16-27
Lord Visnu manifests Himself in the sacrificial half of king Prthu

And ask of Me any boon (of your choice), O ruler of men, since you have won Me by your virtues and good disposition. I am not easily accessible through sacrificial performances or austerities or even Yoga (concentration of mind), dwelling as I do in the heart of the even-minded. Maitreya continued : Thus instructed by Lord Viswaksena (Visnu), the Preceptor of the universe, king Prthu, the conqueror of the world, bowed his head to Sri Hari's command. He embraced Indra (who had attained to that position through a hundred sacrifices)-who was (just) going to touch the latter's feet (by way of apology) and was ashamed of his own act-and gave up his enmity towards him. Prthu now offered worship to the Lord, who is the Soul of the universe, clasped His lotus-feet with increasing devotion. Though inclined to depart, the Lord, who had eyes resembling the petals of a lotus and who is the disinterested friend of the virtuous, kept on looking at him and could not proceed, being detained by his own kindly disposition. Prthu (the first constitutional monarch on this earth) could not see Sri Hari because his eyes were bedimmed with tears, nor could he speak anything, his voice choked with tears. Embracing Him in his heart, he (therefore) held Him (there) and stood with joined palms (where he was). Then, wiping his tears, he gazed on the Supreme Person-who (now) appeared before his eyes, that would not be sated (with His sight), and who stood touching the ground with His feet and with the finger-tips of one of His hands placed on the elevated shoulder of Garuda (the sworn enemy of serpents)-and addressed the Lord (as follows). Prthu said How could a wise man ask boons-enjoyable by those whose mind is engrossed in the world of matter-of You, O omnipresent Lord, the Ruler of those capable of conferring boons (on their votaries) ! I too would never ask of You, O Lord, the Bestower of final beatitude, boons which are available even to the denizens of hell. I crave not under any circumstance even final beatitude, where there is no (occasion for enjoying the) nectar of Your lotus-feet, oozing from the inmost heart of the most exalted souls through their lips. (Therefore,) pray, endow me with ten thousand ears (to enable me to drink to my heart's fill the nectar-like praises of the Lord); this is the boon (1 ask of You). O Lord of excellent renown ! even the air (breath) laden with drops of the nectar of Your lotus-feet, issuing from the mouth of exalted souls, restores the knowledge of Self to us, fallen Yogis, who have forgotten the path leading to (the realization of) the Truth. Hence we require no more boons. How can a man of flair-who has accidentally heard Your auspicious praises in the society of noble souls only once, 0 Lord of excellent fame, feel sated, unless he is a veritable brute-with the glory, which even Sri (the Goddess of beauty and prosperity) has gladly adopted as a theme of Her songs, keen to imbibe Your virtues. Full of ardent longing, therefore, I would, like Laksmi (who is distinguished by a lotus in Her hand), adore with all my being You, the highest of all embodied beings and the abode of all excellences. Let there be no bickering between us two, who are competing for the service of a common lord and who have focussed our mind on Your feet alone.



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