Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 3 Chapter 9:34-44

Book 3: Chapter 9

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 3: Chapter 9: Verses 34-44
Brahma extols the Lord

Even though you desire to evolve innumerable creatures according to the stock of their past Karma, your mind does not feel perplexed in regard to this matter; that is because you have My grace in abundance. The wicked Rajoguna (the principle of activity) will not bind you, the first seer, since your mind will remain attached to Me even while you are occupied with the work of evolving the creation. Today you have come to know Me, even though living beings find it difficult to know Me; for you regard Me as free from the five elements, the Indriyas, the Gunas and the inner sense. Doubting My existence, when you proceeded - to look out for the base of the lotus under water along its stalk, I revealed to you My being in your very heart. That you have offered Me praises interspersed with the glory of My stories or that you have developed faith in austere penance, dear Brahma, all this is due to My grace. May success attend you ! I am pleased with you since you have extolled Me in your eagerness to create the worlds, describing Me as destitute of the Gunas (modes of Prakrti), even though I appear as endowed with such Gunas. I, the Bestower of all desired objects and blessings, shall be quickly and immensely pleased with the man who offers worship to Me everyday, extolling Me through this hymn of praise. The knowers of Truth are of the opinion that My pleasure alone is the highest good to be attained by men through works of public utility (such as the digging of wells etc.), austere penance, sacrificial performances, charitable gifts, practice of Yoga (control of mind) and abstract meditation. I am the Self of all embodied souls, O Brahma (the Creator), and the dearest of all dear ones. Therefore, a man should bestow his love on Me alone; for the body and other things are dear only on My account. Now evolve the three worlds as well as the beings who are lying hidden in Me even as in the Kalpa preceding the period of universal dissolution by means of your own personality, that has emanated from Me, and which is an embodiment of all the Vedas. The sage Maitreya continued : The Lord whose navel is distinguished by a lotus sprung from it, and who is the Ruler of both Matter and Spirit, thus disclosed to Brahma (the Creator of the universe) the means of evolving the creation and concealed from his view His divine form (the form which is known by the name of Narayana).

Thus ends the ninth discourse in Book Three of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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