Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 3 Chapter 25:34-44

Book 3: Chapter 25

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 3: Chapter 25: Verses 34-44
Lord Kapila expatiates on the glory of Devotion in response to the query of mother Devahuti

Some devotees of the Lord-who ever delight in the service of My feet and are engaged in activites only for My sake, and who lovingly sing to one another of My exploits alone-crave not even for absorption into My Being. The aforesaid saints, 0 mother, behold My charming and divine forms possessed of a smiling face and ruddy eyes-forms which confer boons on them-and have talks with them, which are the envy even of the greatest sages. Their devotion (to Me) secures to them (a place in) My subtle Abode even though they never seek it, their mind and senses fascinated by those forms with attractive limbs, captivating playful gestures, glances accompanied with a smile and delightful speech. They no longer crave for the wealth and enjoyments of Satyaloka (the highest heaven) and the other spheres failing within My jurisdiction as the Lord of Maya, nor for the eight kinds of supernatural powers that come to them of their own accord as a sequel to Devotion, nor even for the wealth and splendour of the Lord's own realm (Vaikuntha), which are full in every respect; yet they do enjoy these in that Abode of the Supreme. They who depend on Me, nay, to whom I am the only object of love, nay, the very self, the son, the friend, the preceptor, the kith and kin and the chosen deity, are never deprived of these enjoyments in Vaikuntha (which consists of pure Sattva); nor does My weapon in the shape of Time ever devour them. I take them once for all to the other side of death (the ocean of birth and death), who worship Me with exclusive devotion in the aforesaid manner, realizing My presence in every quarter and renouncing this world and the next, nay, even their own conditioned self (in the shape of their subtle body), which wanders through both, and all those who are connected with the same here (viz., one's near and dear ones) as well as (one's possessions such as)wealth, cattle and houses and everything else. The terrible fear of birth and death can never be got rid of by resorting to anyone other than Myself, the almighty Lord, the Ruler of both Prakrti and Purusa (Matter and Spirit), the Self of all living beings. It is through fear of Me that the wind blows; it is through fear of Me that the sun shines; it is through fear of Me that Indra (the god of rain) sends forth showers, fire burns and death goes about (taking its toil). For lasting happiness the Yogis (striving souls) betake themselves through the practice of Devotion, accompanied by spiritual Knowledge and Dispassion, to My feet, which are free from fear (of every kind). A mind fixed on Me through the intense practice of Devotion and steadied thereby-that is the only means for men in this world to attain final beatitude.

Thus ends the twenty-fifth discourse, forming part of the "Story of Lord Kapila"in Book Three of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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