Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 3 Chapter 23:12-29

Book 3: Chapter 23

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 3: Chapter 23: Verses 12-29
Amorous pastimes of Kardama and Devahuti

Maitreya went on : Seeking to oblige his beloved spouse, the sage Kardama, O Vidura, exercised his wonderful Yogic power and instantly produced an aerial mansion which could range at will. It was a wonderful structure, containing all sorts of jewels, adorned with pillars of precious stones and capable of yielding whatever one desired, and was equipped with every form of wealth, which tended to multiply in course of time (instead of diminishing by use). It was provided with supernatural articles of domestic use, was comfortable in ali seasons and was decorated with buntings and flags of variegated colours. It was further embellished with wreaths of charming flowers, that attracted the sweet humming of bees, as weli as with tapestries of linen, silk and other fabrics of various kinds. The house looked charming with cushions, beds, fans and seats separately arranged in the several storeys rising one above another. Its beauty was enhanced by (engravings and other) works of art (on the walls etc.) here and there; and it was provided with pavements of emerald and coral daises. Its entrances shone with coral thresholds and had doors of diamond. Its domes of sapphire were crowned with gold pinnacles. With the choicest of rubies set in its diamond walls it appeared as though possessed of eyes; and it was furnished with wonderful canopies and highly valuable festoons of gold. It resounded with the cries of swans and pigeons, which flew up to their likenesses (set up there), thinking them to be their own kind. With its pleasure-grounds, resting-chambers, bed-rooms and inner and outer yards, designed with an eye to the comfort (of the occupant), it caused astonishment as it were to the sage himself (who had produced it). The sage Kardama, who could read the mind of all living beings, perceived that Devahuti did not regard even such a house with a much delighted heart, and said to her of his own accord :- "Bathe in the yonder lake, 0 timid one, and ascend this aerial mansion. Having been consecrated by Lord Visnu Himself (who dropped His tears in it), this sacred lake is capable of granting all the desires of human beings (who resort to it)." Bowing to that command of her lord, the lotus-eyed princess-who had a soiled cloth (on her person) and wore matted locks (on her head), and whose frame was coated with a thick layer of dirt and breasts discoloured-dived into the lake, which contained the sacred waters of the Saraswati. Inside the lake she saw in a house one thousand maids, all in the prime of youth and emitting the fragrance of a lotus. Seeing her, the damsels suddenly rose and said to her with joined palms : We are your maid-servants; tell us what shall we do for you.. The girls, who showed every respect to the princess, bathed the proud lady with costly oil, perfumed powder etc., and gave her a pair of new stainless pieces of fine cloth (to cover her body with), superb, most agreeable and brilliant jewels, food containing all good qualities and sweet inebriating drinks (other than spirituous liquor).



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