Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 2 Chapter 2:21-29

Book 2: Chapter 2

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 2: Chapter 2: Verses 21-29
Concentration on the gross and subtle forms of the Lord and the two types of Mukti
(Liberation),viz. Kramamukti or gradual Liberation and Sadyomukti or immediate Liberation

Thereafter, having closed the seven passages (viz., the two eyes, the two ears, the two nostrils and the mouth), he should take the air from the root of the palate to the circle located at the middle of the eyebrows (viz., the Ajna Cakra). Then, if he has no desire to visit the higher worlds, he should pause at the Ajna Cakra for about half an hour with his gaze fixed on his goal and, taking the air into the Sahasrara Cakra (located at the crown of his head) attain union with God. Finally, breaking open the crown of his head, he should abandon his body and the senses. If, on the other hand, O king, the Yogi intends to visit the Brahmaloka (Brahma's abode) or, having acquired the eight supernatural powers,* to sport in the company of the Siddhas (a class of celestial beings), that move about in the air, or again to move about in any particular realm of the universe made up of the three Gunas (modes of Prakrti), he should depart (from the body), taking the mind and senses with him. It is said that the masters [1] of Yoga, who practise worship of God austere penance, Yoga (abstraction) and Jnana (Self-Knowledge), and whose body is as subtle as air, can freely move inside as well as outside the three worlds (the earth, heaven and the lower worlds). People cannot have such unimpeded movement (in any part of the universe) through mere Karma (ritual). O king, the Yogi who proceeds to the Brahmaloka (the abode of Brahma) through the bright Susumna* reaches first the abode of Vaiswanara (the god of fire) through the heavens. Shaking off whatever trace of impurity is still left in him, he then rises upwards to the stellar sphere, resembling in shape the figure of a dolphin and presided over by Lord Visnu. Passing beyond this sphere, presided over by Visnu, which is like a navel to the wheel of this universe, he ascends alone in his most subtle and pure body to the realm called Maharloka (the region immediately enclosing lndra's paradise), which is adored even by the knowers of Brahma, and which is the delightful abode of gods that live for a whole Kalpa (a day of Brahma). Thereafter (at the end of the Kalpa) when he sees the whole world below being consumed by the fire proceeding from the mouth of Lord Ananta (Sesa), he rises still higher to Brahma's abode, where the foremost among the Siddhas reside in their aerial cars and which lasts for two Parardhas (the full span of Brahma's life). There is no grief nor agony, neither old age nor death in that sphere, much less fear of any kind. The only agony they suffer from is the mental anguish they feel out of compassion when they see people who have no knowledge of the process of meditation as described above undergoing repeated births and deaths, that entail endless suffering. Then (after reaching the Satyaloka) he fearlessly unites his subtle body with the earth and thereafter steadily pierces the seven sheaths encasing the earth as below. From his terrestrial form he passes on to the watery and from the aqueous to the fiery sheath; again, from his fiery form he makes his way into the aerial sheath, and lastly from his aerial form in course of time he enters the ethereal sheath, which is an index to the infinitude of Brahma. Again, through his olfactory sense the Yogi returns to the subtle element of smell, through the sense of taste to the subtle element of taste, through the sense of sight to the subtle element of colour, through the sense of touch to the subtle element of touch, through the auditory sense to the subtle element of sound and through each organ of action to the functioning power of each and thus all of them return to their subtle form.



  1. The eight superhuman powers are : Anima, the power of assuming a form as minute as an atom; Laghima, extreme lightness; Prapti, attaining anything (e.g., the moon) with the tip of one's finger ; Prakamya, irresistible will ; Mahima, illimitable bulk; isita, supreme dominion; Vasita, subjugating alt by occult power and Kamavasayita, suppressing all desires.

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