Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 8:29-39

Book 1: Chapter 8

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 8: Verses 29-39
The Lord delivers Pariksit in the womb and is extolled by Kunti; Yudhisthira gives way to grief

None, O Lord, can know what You intend doing when You are acting like men. No one is ever dear or loathsome to You; it is men alone who think of You in terms of diversity. O Lord, You are the Soul of the universe, nay, the universe itself. You are, as a matter of fact, devoid of birth and actions; Your birth and actions in the sub-human species as well as among men, Rsis and aquatic creatures are mere sport. When You offended (Your foster-mother) Yasoda (by smashing the pot of curds) and she took a cord to bind You, the way in which You stood full of fear, with Your face cast down, Your eyes rolling about in confusion and their collyrium dissolved in tears, fills me with bewilderment. To think that even He of whom Fear itself is afraid should appear so stricken with fear ! Some people aver that, though unborn, You have appeared in the race of Your beloved Yadu of sacred renown just in order to enhance his glory, even as a sandal tree takes root on the Malaya mountain in order to bring reputation to the latter. Others declare that, though birthless, You were born of Devaki, Vasudeva's wife for the protection of this world and the extermination of the enemies of gods, as solicited by the couple (in their previous existence).

Still others assert that in response to the prayer of Brahma (the self-born Creator) You have appeared (in our midst) to relieve the burden of the earth, which was groaning under a neavy load like a vessel sinking in the sea. Some others maintain that You have descended on earth with the intention of performing deeds fit to be heard of or dwelt upon by those who are being tormented in this world by ignorance, desire and selfish acts. That is why Your devotees constantly listen to, sing, repeat to others and contemplate on Your stories and rejoice; and it is they alone who behold before long Your lotus-feet that put an end to the stream of births and deaths. O Lord, (we know) You have always granted the wishes of Your own people. Is it a fact, then, that You intend this very day to leave us, Your relations, who exclusively depend on You and who have no asylum other than Your lotus-feet, having alienated other monarchs by inflicting suffering on them ? When You are out of sight, the Yadus and ourselves, the Pandavas, are of no more consequence in name or form than the senses when their ruler, the soul, has quitted them. This earth will not look so bright then, O Wielder of a mace, as it does now, adorned by Your foot-prints, which are easily distinguished by their characteristic marks (of a lotus, thunderbolt, banner and goad etc.)



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