Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 5:13-22

Book 1: Chapter 5

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 5: Verses 13-22
Glory of singing the Lord's praises and an account of Devarsi Narada's previous life

Endowed with an unfailing eye and possessed of sacred renown, O highly blessed Vyasa, you are devoted to truth and steadfast of resolve. Therefore, with a concentrated mind now recall the exploits of Sri Hari, who wields unthinkable power, with a view to the liberation of the entire humanity. The man who desires to talk of anything else than the Lord's exploits falls into the trap of the manifold names and forms, evolved by such desire and sees diversity everywhere. Like a boat beaten by a blast, his unsteady mind finds no rest anywhere. It was a great error on your part to have enjoined horrible acts (acts involving destruction of life) in the name of religion on men who are naturally addicted to such acts. Misguided by these precepts of yours the ordinary man of the world would believe such acts to be pious and would refuse to honour the teachings that prohibit such actions. Only some wise man can by withdrawing from worldly enjoyments experience the (supreme) bliss which forms the essential character of the eternal and infinite Lord. Therefore, kindly narrate the exploits of the Lord for the good of those who are working under the impulse of the three Gunas (modes of Prakrti) and lack the spiritual sense. Has evil ever befallen him anywhere (in any womb or birth), who adores the lotus-feet of Sri Hari neglecting his own duty, even if he dies at a stage when he is yet unripe in his devotion, or falls from his Sadhana? On the other hand, what purpose has been achieved by those who fail to worship God, through devotion to their duty ?

A wise man should strive after that object alone which cannot be attained by going round from the highest (Brahma's abode) to the lowest (infernal) regions. As for the pleasures of sense they are had as a matter of course everywhere like sorrow as a result of past actions by flux of time, which is too quick to be perceived. Dear Vyasa, a servant of Lord Mukunda (lit.,the Bestower of Liberation) never returns to this world, consisting of birth and death, like others (i.e., men of action who are averse to the Lord's worship) even if by accident he turns averse to Him at any time. Recalling the joy of having once (mentally) embraced the Lord's lotus-feet, he would not think of abandoning them, since he has tasted their sweetness . This universe is no other than the Lord, who is yet apart from it, being responsible for the continuance, destruction and coming into being of this world. You know it yourself; yet I have indicated it to you by way of a hint. O Vyasa of unfailing vision, know it for yourself that you are a ray of the Highest Person, the Supreme Spirit, and that, though unborn, you have taken birth for the good of the world. Therefore, describe at full length the exploits of the Lord of exalted glory. The wise have declared that the abiding purpose of man's austere penance, sacred knowledge, sacrificial performances,recitation of the Vedas with correct intonation, enlightenment and bestowal of gifts is to recount the virtues of that Lord of excellent fame.



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