Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 1:10-23

Book 1: Chapter 1

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 1: Verses 10-23
Saunaka and other sages interrogate the famous Suta (Ugrasrava)

O the ornament of holy congregations, in this sage of kali people are mostly short-lived, slothful (litle inclined to tread the path of God-Relization), most dull-witted, unlucky and tormented with diseases and other evils. The scriptures too are numerous and inculate not one discipline, but a number of practices and rituals; and , besides, (being too voluminous) they have to be listened to part by part. Therefore, benevolent as you are, draw out by insight their quintessence and declare the same to us, who are full of faith, so that our mind may become placid an tranquil. Suta, god bless you, you know the purpose for which the divine Lord, the protector of His devotees, was born of Devaki, Vasudeva's consort. Dear Suta, please explain it to us who are keen to hear of the same; for the Lord's descent on this earth is intended for the protection and prosperity of all living beings. Anyone who has fallen into the terrible whirlpool of birth and death can be speedily delivered from the same if he utters His Name even helplessly; for Fear itself is afraid of the Lord. Suta, sages who have taken shelter in His feet and therefore ever abide in perfect calm forthwith purify those who come in contact with them; whereas the waters of the celestial stream (Gangs) cleanse the heart only by long and continued use (because they are no longer in direct touch with those feet, although they still retain their purifying virtue because of the touch they once had with them).

Is there anyone who, though desirous of purifying one's soul, would refuse to hear the glory of that divine Lord whose exploits are extolled by saints of holy renown, since such glory wipes out the impurities of the Kali age ? Narrate to us, who are full of reverence, the noble doings of the Lord who playfully assumes various forms-the doings that have been sung by seers (like Narada and others). "O wise Suta, now recount the blessed stories of the descent of the Almighty Lord who enacts at will sports of various kinds by dint of His Yogamaya (divine potency). We, for our part are never sated with hearing the exploits of the illustrious Lord, which are more and more delightful to hear at every step to those listeners who have a taste for sweet things. Indeed the divine Sri Krsna, who had disguised Himself in a human semblance, performed with His elder brother, Sri Balarama, feats that were beyond human power. Having come to know that the age of Kali has arrived, we are assembled in this holy retreat sacred to Sri Visnu for a long sacrificial session and have thus got ample time to hear the stories of Sri Hari. This age of Kali takes away the purity of mens' heart and is thus difficult to conquer. Anxious as we are to get over this Kali, Providence has arranged our meeting with you, even as a pilot is shown to those who seek to cross a turbulent sea. Since Sri Krsna, the Master of Yoga, the friend of the Brahmanas and the Protector of virtue, has left for His abode (in Heaven), tell us in whom has righteousness sought protection now.

Thus ends the first discourse, forming part of the story relating to the Naimisa forest,

in Book One of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita (the book of the God-realized souls).



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