Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 19:14-23

Book 1: Chapter 19

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 19: Verses 14-23
Pariksit takes a vow of fasting till death and Suka pays a visit to him

TO me, so sinful and ever so deeply attached to the home, the Lord Himself, who is the Ruler of the entire universe, has come in the form of a Brahmana's curse, that has aroused in me a feeling of aversion to worldly enjoyments; for under such a curse one who is deeply attached to the world speedily develops dispassion. May the Brahmanas (assembled here) as well as goddess Ganga know me as a devotee who has approached them for protection, having fixed his mind on the Lord. Urged by the Brahmans, let someone who has cunningly assumed the form of Taksaka or Taksaka himself bite me at will.

Meanwhile I implore you to sing the stories of Lord Visnu. Bowing once more to you, the Brahmanas, I pray : in every birth I take hereafter may I be blessed with devotion to the immortal Lord Sri Krsna, strong attachment for noble souls depending on Him and friendship for all. Thus resolved, and having placed the kingly responsibilities on the shoulders of his own eldest son (Janamejaya), the wise king sat down on the southern bank of the Ganga (a spouse of the deity presiding over the oceans), on the blades of Kusa with their roots turned to the east, himself facing the north. When that king of kings (Emperor Pariksit ) had thus taken his seat with a vow to fasting till death, hosts of gods in heaven shouted applause and joyfully rained down flowers on him on the earth, while drums were sounded again and again. The great Rsis who had assembled there were benevolent to the people by their very disposition and spent all their energy in conferring benefits on them. They too applauded the king and approved of his resolve exclaiming "Splendid !" and spoke words which fitted well with the king, who was deeply impressed with the virtues of the Lord of excellent renown:- "O chief of royal sages, this is no wonder in you (the scions of Pandu), devoted as you are to Sri Krsna; for, in your eagerness to attain proximity to the Lord you have speedily renounced the imperial throne against which kings robbed their crowns. Now we shall all remain here till this king, who is foremost among the devotees of the Lord, has cast off his mortal coil and ascended to the highest abode (of the Lord), which is beyond the reach of Maya and free from sorrow." On hearing these words of the sages-impartial, sweet, full of deep significance and true-Pariksit greeted the sages, who had all become one with the Supreme Spirit; and, eager to hear the stories of Lord Visnu (Sri Krsna), replied to them as follows :- "Shining like the Vedas, that abide in visible form in the highest heaven (the Satyaloka, Brahma's abode), you have all come together from every quarter. And you have no purpose of your own (to achieve) in this world or the next, except doing good to others, which is your innate disposition.



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