Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 16:15-23

Book 1: Chapter 16

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 16: Verses 15-23
Conquest of the world by king Pariksit and the dialogue between Dharma (the god of piety) and Mother Earth

Highly pleased with them (those who sang these stories) the noble-minded emperor bestowed on them costly, garments and necklaces, his eyes wide open with joy. Hearing how Lord Visnu (Sri Krsna) had played the role of a charioteer (to Arjuna), attended the councils of the Pandavas, waited upon them, played the friend and ambassador, kept watch outside their camp at night in the pose of a warrior, followed them as a waiter, eulogized Yudhisthira and bowed to him not only Himself but caused the whole world to bow at the feet of His beloved Pandavas (made them worthy of adoration for the whole world), the emperor (Pariksit) developed devotion to His lotus feet. As he was thus following in the footsteps of his forefathers from day to day (in the course of his conquest of the world) a strange incident occurred not very far from his territorial limits. Hear of it from me.

Hoofing about on one foot in the form of a bull, Dharma (the god of virtue) saw mother Earth in the form of a cow, shorn of her lustre and bathing her cheeks in tears like a mother that has lost her child, and enquired of her as follows: Dharma said : Are you keeping well, good lady ? With your somewhat withering face you look quite pale. I perceive there is agony in your heart. Do you grieve for some relation living at a distance from you, madam ? It may be you are sorrowing for me, deprived as I am of three of my feet and left with but one. Or you may be feeling sorry for yourself, knowing that Sudras are going to rule over you hereafter ? Or you are grieving for the gods and other heavenly beings that have been robbed of their share (offerings) in sacrifices ? Or do you sorrow for the people who are suffering due to Indra (the god of rain) withholding rain ? Do you feel concerned for women who are unprotected by their husbands, or for children who are being persecuted by their own parents as if by man-eating demons ? Or are you sorry for the goddess of speech (the Vedic lore), that has fallen in the hands of Brahmanas of reproachful conduct or for the foremost Brahmanas who are in the service of royal houses that have no respect for the Brahmana race? Again, do you grieve for the fallen Ksatriyas dominated by Kali, or for the kingdoms that have been devastated by them? Or do you sorrow for the world of living beings, who are intent upon eating and drinking, clothing and washing themselves or on sexual intercourse, disregarding all barriers? Or deserted by Sri Hari (Sri Krsna)-who had come down to the mortal plane only in order to relieve your onerous burden and has now vanished out of sight, mother Earth-are you reminded of his exploits, the very thought of which is conducive to final beatitiude ?



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