Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 15:12-20

Book 1: Chapter 15

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 15: Verses 12-20
Stricken with grief at their separation from Sri Krsna, the Pandavas instal Pariksit on the throne of Hastinapura and ascend to heaven

Again, it was by His might that I astonished (with my valour) in a single combat Lord Sankara (who holds a trident in His hand) no less than His Spouse, Goddess Girija (the daughter of Himalaya, the king of the mountains), the former of whom was pleased to impart to me (the secret of using) His own missile (called the Pasupatastra), as also did the guardian of every other quarter. Nay, (ascending to heaven) in this very body I shared with the mighty Indra the exalted throne in his court. While I was enjoying a holiday in the same celestial abode, Indra and the other gods sought the help of my powerful arms, which bore the celebrated Gandiva bow and owed their strength to Him, for the destruction of their enemies (the Nivatakavacas and other demons, who often molested them), O Yudhisthira (a descendent of Ajamidha) ! Alas ! by that Supreme Person I stand cheated today. Befriended by Him, I was able to cross on a chariot all alone the boundless and unfathomable ocean of the Kaurava host, which was rendered further impassable by formidable aquatic creatures (in the shape of Bhisma, Drona and others). Again, it was with His help that I not only recovered from the hands of our enemies (the Kauravas) the abundant wealth (in the shape of cattle of king Virata) but was also able to snatch from their heads their glorious turbans as well as the precious stones from their diadems. Keeping in front of me (as a charioteer) as I stood face to face with the armies (successively) led by Bhisma, Drona (our preceptor), Karna and Salya and adorned with the chariots of a host of Ksatriya chiefs, my lord, He stole away by His very look the life-span, the heart as well as the strength and vigour of the great car-warriors who commanded the various troops. Securely placed as I was in His arms, the missiles of unfailing power hurled at me by my preceptor (Drona), Bhisma, Karna, Bhurisrava (the grandson of Bahlika), Susarma (the king of the Trigartas), Salya, Jayadratha (the king of the Sindhus) and Bahlika (the younger brother of Santanu) and others did not even touch my person any more than the weapons of the demons (in this service of king Hiranyaksipu, Prahlada`s father) did Prahlada (a devotee of Lord Visnu). Stupid as I was, i chose for my charioteer the Lord whose lotus-feet are adored by noble souls for exemption from birth and death, and who surrenders to His devotees His very Self.

Nay, dazzled by His glory, great car-warriors who were arrayed against me could not strike at me even though I stood on the ground, my horses being exhausted. The jokes of Lord Madhava (Sri Krsna), brightened with His hearty and charming smiles, and His captivating manner ofaddressing me as son of Prtha (Kunti), Arjuna, beloved companion and delight of the Kurus stir my heart to its very depth, O ruler of men, even as I call them to mind. Since we treated each other on an equal footing while in bed or sitting together, while rambling or indulging in self-praise, or even at dinner and so on, 1 occasionally twitted him and said, "Friend, you are indeed a veracious man I " Yet, in His unlimited greatness, that exalted soul put up with all my faults, fool as I was, even as a friend would bear with his friend or a father with his own son. Bereft of that Supreme Person, who was my beloved companion and friend, O suzerain lord, I am left without a heart. That is why while escorting the Lord's spouses on the way, dear brother, I was vanquished like a woman by the wicked cowherds.



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