Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 14:16-34

Book 1: Chapter 14

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 14: Verses 16-34
King Yudhisthira grows apprehensive at the sight of evil omens and Arjuna returns from Dwaraka

The wind blows very hard, spreading darkness with dust; the clouds rain blood, thus creating a ghastly scene everywhere. Look at the sun, which has lost its brilliance, and the planets contending against one another in the heavens. The heaven and the earth seem to be set on fire due to multitudes of ghosts and other creatures congregating here and there. Streams and big rivers no less than lakes and minds (of the people) are (all) agitated. The fire does not burn (even) with clarified butter. I wonder what surprise is this (fateful) time going to spring on us ? Calves refuse to suck the udders and their mother do not allow themselves to be milked. Cows weep, tears trickling down their faces; while bulls too do not rejoice with the herd. The images of gods appear to weep; nay, they perspire and move from their seats. These outlying distracts and villages, cities and gardens, mines and hermitages look cheerless and robbed of their splendour. (God knows) what evil they portend for us. From these grave forebodings I am led to believe that the earth has undoubtedly lost its charm, having been deprived (of the touch) of the Lord's feet, that possess a grace (graceful marks of a thunderbolt etc.) unknown to the feet of any otherperson."

As the king was thus expressing his concern with a heart full of anxiety at the sight of these portentous phenomena, O Saunaka, Arjuna (whose banner was emblazoned with the figure of a monkey) returned from Dwaraka (the capital of the Yadus). Seeing his younger brother fallen at his feet with a strange look about him, lacklustre and ill at ease, his face cast down and tears trickling down from his lotus-like eyes, the king felt anxious at heart and questioned him in the midst of his other kinsmen, recalling the words of Narada. Yudhisthira said : "Are our relations, the Madhus, the Bhojas, the Dasarhas, the Arhas, the Satvatas, the Andhakas and the Vrsnis, happy in Dwaraka (the capital of the Anartas)? Is my revered maternal grandfather, Sura (Surasena) doing well ? And are our maternal uncles, Anakadundubhi (Vasudeva) and his younger brother, enjoying good health ? Again, are our maternal aunts, the seven wives of Vasudeva, Devaki and others, who are related to one another as sisters, quite hale themselves as also their sons and daughters-in-law ? Does king Ahuka (Ugrasena, the father of Devaki), whose son (Kamsa) was notorious for his wickedness, and his younger brother (Devaka), still alive ? And are Hrdika and his son (Krtavarma), Akrura (a cousin of Vasudeva), Jayanta, Gada and Sarana (Sri Krsna's brothers) as well as Satrujit and others faring well ? And is the divine Sri Rama (Balarama), the Lord of the Satvatas (Yadavas), happy ? Is Pradyumna (Sri Krsna's eldest son), the greatest warrior among all the Vrsnis, well ? And is the divine Aniruddha (Pradyumna's son) of marvellous dash (on the field of battle) prospering ? Susena and Carudesna (two of the ten sons of Rukmini, of whom Pradyumna was the eldest) and Samba born of Jambavati, and all the other great sons of Sri Krsna, including Rsabha, as also their sons, and even so Srutadeva, Uddhava and the other attendants of Sri Krsna and other principle Satvatas (Yadavas)-Sunanda and Nanda being the chief of them-are all these doing well, protected by the arms of Sri Rama and Sri Krsna ? Do they ever enquire after our welfare, bound as they are by ties of affection to us ? "And is Lord Govinda (Sri Krsna), a friend of the Brahmanas and full of affection for His devotees, happy in His famous council-chamber, Sudharma, at His own capital, in the midst of His kith and kin ?



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