Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 12:15-32

Book 1: Chapter 12

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 12: Verses 15-32
Birth of Pariksit

Pleased with the gifts, the Brahmanas addressed the king, who was all humility, as follows:-"O jewel of the Pauravas (descendants of king Puru), by the will of Providence, which cannot be balked, this stainless race of the Purus had all but died out; yet the almighty Lord Visnu (Sri Krsna), in order to shower His grace on you, preserved it by saving this child. Hence he will be known in this world by the name of Visnurata (one who has been saved by Lord Visnu). His fame will extend far and wide and he will undoubtedly turn out to be a great devotee of God and an exalted soul. Yudhisthira asked : Will this child share the good reputation of the glorious and high souled royal sages of his own line, O most worthy souls? The Brahmanas replied : O Yudhisthira (son of Prtha), this grandson of yours will protect his subjects just like Ikswaku, the eldest son of Vaivaswata Manu (who presides over the present Manwantara), and will be devoted to the Brahmanas and true to his word like Sri Rama, the celebrated son of Dasaratha. He will be munificent and kind to those who seek his protection like Sibi, the king of the Uinaras; and, like Bharata (the son of Dusyanta), he will extend the fame of his own people as well as of those who perform sacrifices.

'As a leader of bowmen, he will be a match for both the Arjunas (Sahasrabahu and his own grandfather); nay, he will be unassailable as fire and unconquerable as the ocean. He will be heroic as a lion (the king of beasts), worth resorting to as the Himalayas, enduring as the earth and forbearing like parents. In even-mindedness he will compare with Brahma (the Creator) himself; while in graciousness of disposition he will be equal to Lord Siva. And he will be the support of all living beings like God Visnu (the Abode of Rama, the Goddess of Prosperity). In high-mindedness accompanied with excellent virtues, he will follow the example of Sri Krsna; he will be generous as king Rantideva and pious like Yayati. He will be equal to Bali in firmness, and unflinching in his devotion to Sri Krsna as Prahlada. He will perform a number of Aswamedha sacrifices and will wait upon the aged. He will be the progenitor of a race of royal sages and chastiser of those who stray from the path of virtue. Nay, he will subdue Kali (the spirit presiding over the Kali age) in the interest of mother Earth as well as of righteousness. Hearing of his impending death at the hands of Taksaka (a chief of the Nagas), impelled by the curse of a Brahmana's son, he will renounce all attachment and take refuge in the feet of Sri Hari. Having ascertained the truth about the Spirit from the sage Sukadeva (the son of Vyasa), he will cast off his mortal coil, O king, on the bank of Ganga and attain the fearless state (the state of blessedness). Having thus told the king (about the future of the new-born babe), the Brahmanas, who were all well-versed in astrology, returned each to his own home after receiving their fee. It was this very child who was known all over the world by the name of Pariksit, because this gifted boy used to look for, among those whom he saw, the Person whom he had perceived in his mother's womb and who always lingered in his thought. Being fostered everyday by (the love of) his grandparents, the prince (Pariksit) grew up very soon, even as the orb of the moon, waxing by degrees in a bright fortnight everyday, becomes full very soon. The king now made up his mind to propitiate the Lord through the performance of a horse-sacrifice in order to atone for his hostile conduct towards his own kith and kin; but since he had no money (to defray the expenses of the sacrifice) other than that collected as revenue or fines (which was evidently not much), he became thoughtful.



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