Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 11:30-39

Book 1: Chapter 11

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 11: Verses 30-39
Sri Krsna's Departure to Dwaraka

He next entered His own palace, unsurpassed by any other, which was equipped with all that could be desired and had a separate mansion for each of His consorts, sixteen thousands and odd in number. The ladies felt overjoyed at heart to behold from a distance their lord, who had returned home after a long absence; and, with bashful eyes and faces, they quickly abandoned their seats as well as their thought of Him (not that He was present before them in person) as also the vows of austerity[1] (that they had taken during the absence of their lord). Full of infinite love, they embraced their Lord, first mentally, then' by their sight and lastly by their body as well through their babes (under the pretext of offering the babes for His embrace or in the person of the babes themselves according to the maxim that it is the father himself who is born in the shape of his son The tears which they had so far kept within the corners of their eyes out of their bashful nature now trickled down, in spite of themseleves, O Saunaka (foremost of the Bhrgus), since they could no longer countrol tyheir emotion, Although He (ever) remained by their side and that too in their private chamber, His feet appeared to them as full of fresher charm every moment.

What soman sould cease to love those feet, swhich even Sri (the Goddess of Fortune) cannot abandon even for a moment , though noted for Her fickleness[2]? Even as the wind burns a whole thicket of bamboos by producing fire (through the abrasion of one bamboo against another, so did Sri Krsna work the mutual destruction (in the shape of the Mahabharata war) of princes who had proved a burden to the earth since their very birth and grown very powerful in the meantime, by pitting one againsty anotherr, and in a like manner brought aboutt the extermination of their hosts as well, Himself adhering to His vow of not takijng up arms; and (having thus acomplished the object of his descent on earth) he became silent. It was the same Lord who, having appeared in this mortal world in His own playful way, sported in the midst of thousands of most charming women like a worldly man. Stung by their guileless and winsome smiles and bashful looks, that bespoke therir profound love, even Cupid (the conqueror of the world) fainted and dropped his bow. These jewels among women, however, could not disturb the srenity of His mind by their amorouds gestures. Finding Him actively engaged like themselves, the people, ignorant as they are, look upon Him who is absoultely unattached as a human being full of attachment . Here in lies the divinity of the almighty Lord that , even though abiding in Prakrti (matter), He never gets tainted by the Gunas (modes) of Prakrti, just as a mind that has taken refuge in him 8is never contaminated by the Gunas of Prakrti abiding in it. nay, those ignorant ladies (Sri Krsna's consorts) themselves, little knowing His greatness, looked upon Him as a hen-pecked husband, devoted to their service in the private chamber, even as the notions of aham (I-ness) conceive of God as sharing their own characteristics.

Thus ends the eleventh discourse entitled "The Entry of Sri Krsna into Dwaraka", forming part of the story relating to the Naimis forest, in Book One of the great and glorious bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita


  1. The Yajnavalkya-Smrti says :- " A woman whose husband is away from her. should give up amusement, decoration of her body, visiting social functions. Jesting and calling at another's house."
  2. Fickleness is attributed to the Goddess of Fortune only in Her material form viz., riches.

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