Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 1 Chapter 11:15-29

Book 1: Chapter 11

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 1: Chapter 11: Verses 15-29
Sri Krsna's Departure to Dwaraka

The entrance of every house in the city was adorned with curds, unbroken rice, fruits andsugar-cane,pitchers full of water, offering, incense and lights. The noble-minded Vasudeva (Sri Krsna's father) and Akrura (Vasudeva's cousin) and king Ugrasena (Sri Krsna's maternal granduncle) and Sri Rama (Balarama, Sri Krsna's elder brother) of marvellous prowess, and Pradyumna and Carudesna (Rukmini's sons) and Samba, Jambavati's son, in transport of joy, quitted their beds and seats and even meals on hearing of the return of their most beloved Sri Krsna. Excited with emotion and full of joy and esteem, they placed a lordly elephant at their head (to serve as a good omen); and accompanied with Brahmanas reciting benedictory hymns and equipped with articles of good omen, they mounted their chariots and sallied forth to meet the Lord, amidst the blast of conchs and trumpets and the chanting of Vedic hymns. The chief among the courtezans, whose faces looked very charming with their cheeks irradiated by splendid ear-rings, proceeded in their hundreds in palanquins, eager to have a look at Him. Even so actors, dancers and songsters as well as panegyrists, bards and minstrels glorified the wonderful exploits of the Lord of excellent renown. The Lord on that occasion met His kinsmen and attendants as well as the citizens in the appropriate manner and showed His consideration to all. Gratifying them all down to the pariah by bowing down His head, greeting in respectful terms, clasping to the bosom, pressing the hand of and greeting with smiles and endearing looks, and granting them boons of their choice, and Himself blessed by His elders, the Brahmanas and their wives, the aged folk and others, including the panegyrists, the almighty Lord entered the city.

As Sri Krsna was passing along the main road, the women of respectful families of Dwaraka went up to the top of their mansions, O Saunaka, to enjoy the grand feast of His sight. The bosom of Lord Acyuta (Sri Krsna) is the abode of Sri (the goddess of prosperity); His countenance, a cup of nectar for all eyes to drink from; His arms, the habitat of the guardians of the different worlds (who ever reside in them); His lotus-like feet, the home of the bee-like devotees; nay, each of His limbs is an embodiment of elegance. That is why the eyes of the residents of Dwaraka knew no satiety, even though they beheld Him everyday. With the white umbrella spread over His head and a pair of chowries waving on both sides and flowers raining all round, the Lord, who was clad in yellow robes and adorned with His garland of sylvan flowers, shone on the road like a cloud with the sun shining overhead, a pair of moons moving in a circle about it, stars scattered all round and a rainbow and flashes of lightning illumining it, First of all He entered the palace of His parents (Devaki and Vasudeva) and gladly bowed His head to all His seven mothers, Devaki and others, who in their turn clasped Him to their bosom. As they placed their son in their lap, milk flowed from their breasts (even in their old age) due to their affection for Him; and beside themselves with joy, they bathed Him in tears.



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