Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 8:38-45

Book 12: Chapter 8

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 8: Verses 38-45

Fetching Them a seat and washing Their eet, he worshipped Them by offering Them water to wash Their hands with, sandal-paste, incense and garlands. When the two most exalted sages were comfortably seated and looked favourably disposed, the sage bowed at Their feet once more and spoke as follows.Markandeya prayed : 0 Lord ! how can I extol You ? For, propelled by You (alone) function the vital air and following it the speech, mind and Indriyas (the senses of perception and the organs of action), not only of (all) embodied beings but even of Brahma (the birthless creator) and Lord Siva (the god of destruction) as well as of myself; yet You behave as a friend of the soul (and not only of the body as the parents and others do) of those who worship You (with these) ! These two forms of Your omnipotent Self, 0 Lord ! stand revealed for the well-being, (nay,) for putting a stop to the (threefold) suffering and for the liberation (lit., subduing the death) of (the denizens of) the three worlds. (But) just as You assume many other forms (such as that of the divine Fish) in order to protect this universe, so (too) do You swallow everything after evolving it (just) like the spider (which produces a web and then swallows it). The impurities incident to actions, the (three) Gunas (modes of Prakrti) and Time (and the aforesaid agonies etc.), can never contaminate him who takes refuge in the soles of feet of that Saviour (of the world) and Ruler of the immobile as well as the mobile creation (in You). (Nay,) in order to attain to those feet, as is well-known, sages that have treasured up (the spirit of) the Vedas in their heart extol, devoutly bow to, worship and constantly meditate on them. I resort to those (very) soles. We know no safe retreat, 0 Lord ! for the Jiva, beset with fear on all sides, other than resorting to the feet of the Lord in You, the Embodiment of final beatitude. (Even) Brahma, whose realm endures for two Parardhas, is immensely afraid of Kala (the Time-Spirit), which is a (mere) play of Your eyebrows; what wonder, then, that it inspires fear in the heart of living beings created by him ? Therefore, turning my back upon (giving up all attachment to) this body and all that is connected with it---which obscures the Self and serves no (real) purpose, is unsubstantial and transient, and (really) no other than the (conscious) Self- I actually take refuge in the soles of feet of the Supreme in You, the Embodiment of true wisdom, the Director of the soul; for if a man resorts to those feet, he bids fair to secure from You every object sought for (by him). Although Rajas, Sattva, and Tamas, 0 Lord, which are products of Maya (Prakrti) and (severally) responsible for the appearance, continuance and dissolution of this (visible) universe, 0 Befriender of the soul ! have been laid hold of by Yourself for (carrying on) Your pastimes (of creation etc.), Your Sattvika form (alone) is conducive to everlasting peace (in the form of final beatitude) and not the other two, from which proceed suffering, infatuation and fear to men.



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