Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 6:34-45

Book 12: Chapter 6

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 6: Verses 34-45

One should put up with abusive words, and show disrespect to none, nor should one enter into hostility with anyone for the sake of this (perishable) body. (34) Salutation to the illustrious Lord Sri Krsna of infinite intelligence, through meditation on whose lotus feet 1 learnt this compilation (in theform of Srimad Bhagavata) ! Saunaka submitted : into how many schools were the Vedas divided by Paila and other great souls, teachers of the Vedas and pupils of Vedavyasa ? (Pray) relate this to us. Suta replied : From the cavity in the heart of Brahma (the creator), who occupies) the highest position (in the universe), while his mind was comp all through control of Saunaka ! there arose a sound, which can be distinctly perceived (by closing one's ears), and by focussing one's mind on which, the O Brahmana sage, Yogis shake off the impurities of the mind-occasioned by the Adhibhuta (the body), Adhyatma (the organs of action) and Adhidaiva (the senses of perception)-and attain Liberation (cessation of birth and death). From that sound emanated (the sacred syllable) OM-consisting of three parts (A, U, M),-whose origin is, unmanifest, (nay,) which flashes (in the heart) by itself. It is this syllable which reveals (the true nature of) the almighty and infinite Supreme Spirit--that hears this unmanifest (inarticulate humming) sound (even) when the sense of hearing has ceased to function (due to the ears having been shut) and whose cognition is intact (even) when all the senses are inoperative (as in sound sleep or Samadhi)-by which (sacred syllable) speech (in the form of the Vedas) is manifested and which owes its manifestation in the cavity of the heart to the (Supreme) Spirit. That syllable (again) is directly expressive of its origin, the infinite Supreme Spirit; it is the hidden meaning of all Mantras (sacred texts), the eternal seed of the Vedas (being no other than Brahma Itself). The syllable (OM), 0 jewel of the Bhrgus ! comprised three letter-sounds-- , , and which (severally) hold (in the form of a seed) sets of three entities (viz.,) the (three) Gunas (modes of Prakrti-Sattva, Rajas and Tamas), the (three) names (Rk. Yajus and Sama), the (three) substances (spheres, viz., Bhuh--the terrestrial globe, Bhuvah-the aerial region and Swah-heaven) and the (three) states of consciousness (viz., wakefulness, dream and sound sleep). Out of the aforesaid (three letters) the almighty Brahma (the birthless creator) evolved the alphabet, comprising Antahsthas (semi-vowels), Usmas (aspirants), Swaras (vowels), Sparsas (sibilants) and the short, long and prolated measures of sounds. With this alphabet the (mighty) Brahma gave expression through his four mouths to the four Vedas-alongwith the (three) Vyahrtis (Bhuh, Bhuvah and Swah) and OM (prefixed to the Gayatri-Mantra while reciting it)--with the intention of pointing out the duties of the four priests (officiating at a sacrifice, viz., Hota, Adhwaryu, Udgata and Brahma). He then taught them to his (mind-born) sons (Marici and others); who were (all) Brahmana sages and (accordingly) expert in reciting the Vedas (with proper intonation etc.). The latter in their turn proved to be the promulgators of righteousness and taught the Vedas to their sons (Kasyapa and others).



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