Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 6:27-33

Book 12: Chapter 6

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 6: Verses 27-33

Therefore, let this sacrifice, actuated as it is by a malevolent purpose, 0 king I be stopped, as serpents burnt through it were (all) innocent. (But you too are not to blame; for) as a matter of fact, it is the fruit of one's own (past) doings that is reaped by living beings." Suta resumed : Thus advised, King Janamejaya said "Amen !" (Nay.,) respecting the remonstrance of the great sage, he desisted from the snake-sacrifice, and (duly) worshipped Brhaspati (the master of eloquence). Such is the well-known, though inconceivable, great Maya (enchanting potency) of Lord Visnu. Due to this Maya, which cannot be (easily) set aside, living beings, that are His (own) particles, fall foul of their fellow-beings under the force of passions (such as anger, which are the outcome of the three Gunas). Maya, which repeatedly flashes on the mind through the notion, 'A is a wily man', does not boldly reveal itself in God when (the nature of) the Self is being inquired into by the exponents of the Self (but is shown to exist somehow like one in great fear without discharging its function of enchanting others). (Nay,) in relation to Him there is no room for wordy warfare of various description originating from Maya nor does the mind with its functions of ideation and doubt operate with regard to Him. In relation to Him there does not exist any Karma (belonging to the category of virtue or sin) with factors responsible for it nor the fruit (in the shape of joy or sorrow) to be attained through both nor the ego, the adjunct of a Jiva, accompanied by the three above-named (viz., Karma, the factors responsible for it and the fruit of it). Such is the nature of God, who is neither capable of being opposed by nor of opposing anyone. (Therefore) renouncing the ego etc., (which are like so many waves of Maya), a sage should himself specifically revel in the Self. Yogis who have given up (false) identification with the body and the feeling of meum with regard to those connected with it and are exclusively devoted to God, and who are (therefore) keen to reject everything other than God as "not that"; "not that", declare the aforesaid to be the supreme essence of the all-pervading Lord. (Nay,) it has been concluded to be such by those who, having embraced it with their heart (through meditation), have been able to control their mind, senses and body. They (alone) are able to attain this supreme state of Lord Visnu, who are free from the evil notion of 'I' and 'mine' with regard to their body and home (etc., respectively).



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