Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 1:21-39

Book 12: Chapter 1

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 1: Verses 21-39

These kings of Kanva's race will rule the earth for three hundred and forty-five years in the Kali age. Assassinating Susarma of Kanva's line, his (own) servant, Bali, a vile Sudra of the Andhra race will hold away on the earth for some time. His (own) brother, Krsna by name, will succeed him as the ruler of the earth. His son will be Sri Santakarna and the latter's son, Paurnamasa. His son will be Lambodara and Cibilaka will succeed him as king. Meghaswati will succeed Cibilaka and Meghaswati's son will be Atamana. Anistakarma and Haleya will come next and Haleya's son will be Talaka. His son will be Purisabhiru and Sunandana will succeed him as king. Cakora will come next and then (by turn) his (eight) sons, (collectively) known as the Bahus, the last of whom will be Sivaswati, a chastiser of his foes. His son, again, will be Gomatiputra and Puriman will come next. Medassira and Sivaskanda will come next and Sivaskanda's son will be Yajnasri. Vijaya will follow Yajnasri and his sons will be Candravijna and Lomadhi. These thirty princes will (successively) rule over the earth for four hundred and fifty-six pears, 0 delight of the Kurus ! Seven Abhira princes having their capital at Avabhrti, ten Gardabhis and sixteen of the Kanka dynasty, (all) most rapacious, will hold sway (one after another) as kings. Then will follow eight Yavanas, fourteen Turuskakas; again, ten Gurundas and then Maunas numbering eleven only. These (Thirty-two) kings (excluding the Maunas) will rule over the earth for one thousand and ninety-nine years, while the eleven Maunas sway over the earth for (another) three hundred years, Maunas will e to be, Bhutananda and (his son) Vangiri, ! When they cease to be, Yasonandi and (grandson)Pravi aka the latte's (younger) brother, Sisunandi, for a hundred and six years only. They will leave (his son) (all) these will actually reign at (their capital) Kilikila as the Bahlikas. Again, there will be Puspamitra as a Ksatriya, and eventlso his son Durmitra.(34) (All) these will hold sway (over different territories) at one and his son the Seven (of these) will be kings of Andhra and seven of Kosala. The rulers of V d r time. Nisadha indeed will also come out of these (the Bahlikas). Vidura and Among the rulers of Magadha there will be one Viswasphurji, (also) known as Puranjaya the second, who will convert the higher castes into Pulindas, Yadus and Madrakas (tribes that will be no better than Mlecchas). Being evil-minded and powerful, he will exterminate the Ksatriya race and settle in the city of Padmavati (his capital) a population consisting mostly of casteless people, ruling over the well-guarded tract of land extending along the banks of the Ganga up to Prayaga (from Haridwara). (As Kaliyuga advances) the Brahmanas of Saurastra, Avanti, the Abhira territory and (the principalities of Sura, Arbuda and Malawa will become Vratyas or fallen men (because of their giving up the Samskaras or purificatory rites, especially the ceremony of investiture with the sacred thread), and the rulers will be mostly of the Sudra class. Sudras, fallen Brahmanas and members of other higher castes who have given up the Vedic courses of conduct and Mlecchas will rule over the banks of the Indus and Chandrabhaga, rivers the city of Kaunti and the territory of Kasmira.



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