Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 13:15-23

Book 12: Chapter 13

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 13: Verses 15-23

The glorious Bhagavata is surely considered to be the cream of the Upanisads. A man sated with its nectarine flavour will not find delight anywhere else. It occupies the same (pride of) place. among the Puranas as the holy Ganga among the rivers, Visnu (the immortal Lord) among the gods, and Lord Siva (the Source of all blessings) among the votaries of Lord Visnu. Again, Srimad Bhagavata is-certrainly unexcelled among the Puranic collections in the same way, 0 Brahmana sages ! as Kati is really unsurpassed among holy places. The glorious Bhagavata is a faultless Purana, which is beloved of the Vaisnavas, (nay,) in which stands celebrated the one supreme Reality, which is all consciousness (as well as all truth and all bliss), free from (all) impurity (in the form of contact with Maya) and which is the goal of Paramahamsas (ascetics of the highest order). In this Purana withdrawal from (all) activity, coupled with spiritual enlightenment, dispassion and Devotion, has been expounded. A man devoutly listening to it, carefully reading it and given to pondering it bids fair to get liberated. We meditate on that pure, taintless, immortal and highest Reality which is untouched by sorrow and by which (manifested in the form of Lord Narayana) was graciously brought to light at the beginning of creation this matchless lamp of wisdom to Brahma (the creator) and as Brahma to (the celestial sage) Narada, as Narada to the sage Krsna (Vedavyasa) and as the latter to the sage Suka (the prince among the Yogis) and in the form of Suka, to King Pariksit (the favoured of the Lord). (19) Hail to the celebrated Lord Vasudeva, the Witness (of all), who (for the first time) taught this Purana out of grace to Brahma, who was keen to get liberated. (20) Hail to the sage Suka, that prince among the Yogis, the revealer of Brahma, who redeemed King Pariksit (the favoured of Lord Visnu), bitten by the serpent in the form of (fear of) rebirth. (Pray,) so ordain, O Ruler of the gods I that devotion to Your feet may sprout (in my heart) in every birth (that I may have to take); for You are our protector, 0 Lord ! I salute Sri Hari (the Dispeller of all fears and agony), the Supreme Lord, the loud chanting of whose Names is the (most efficacious and easiest) way to wipe out all sin and respectful salutation to whom alleviates (all) suffering.

Thus ends the thirteenth discourse in Book Twelve of the great and glorious

Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita,composed by the sage Vedavyasa and consisting of eighteen thousand Slokas.



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