Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 11:29-45

Book 12: Chapter 11

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 11: Verses 29-45

Brought into existence by the dateless Maya of Lord Visnu, the Inner Controller of (all) embodied souls, this (visible) sun, which keeps the world going on, courses through the spheres. Though one without a second, the Sun-god-who is really the same as Sri Hari, the Soul and first Cause (of the worlds)-has been spoken of by the seers under diverse names inasmuch as He is the source of all Vedic rites.Because of His Maya (which has no beginning) Sri Hari has been called, O Brahmana sage, by nine names as time, place, activity, the doer, an instrument, duty, a sacred text, material substance (riceetc.), and the fruit (heaven etc.). Assuming the form of Time (out of the aforesaid nine), in order to keep the world going on, the Lord (as the Sun-god) runs His course through the twelve months beginning from Caitra, alongwith His twelve different batches of attendants. The Sun-god (under the name of Dhata), Krtasthali (the Apsara), Heti (the ogre), Vasuki (the Naga), Rathakrt (the Yaksa), Pulastya (the sage) and Tumburu (the Gandharva)-these (seven) run the month of Caitra. Aryama, Punjikasthali, Praheti, Kacchanira, Athauja, Pulaha and Narada----these run the month of Vaisakha. Mitra, Menaka, Pauruseya, Taksaka, Rathaswana, Atri and Haha-these run the month of Jestha. Varurra, Rambha, Citraswana, Sukra, Sahajanya, Vasistha and HON-these run the month of [1] Asadha.Indra, Pramloca, Varya, Elapatra, Srota, Arigira and Viswavasu-these run the month of Sravana. Vivaswan, Anumloca, Vyaghra, Sankhapala, Asarana, Bhrgu and Ugrasena--these run the month called Bhadrapada. Pusa, Ghrtaci, Vata, Dhananjaya Suruci, Gautama and Susena--these run the month of Magha. Parjanya, Senajit, Varna, Airavata, Kratu, Bharadwaja and Viswa--these run the month named Ph -Algona. Again, Amsu, Urvasi, Vidyucchatru, Mahasankha, Tarksya, Katyapa and Rtasena-these run the month of Margasirsa. Bhaga, Purvacitti, Sphurja, Karkotaka, Urna, Ayu and Aristanemi these run the month of Pausa. Again, Twasta, Tilottama, Brahmapeta, Kam"bala, Satajit, Jamadagni and Dhrtarastra are the guardians of the month of Aswina. Visnu, Rambha, Makhapeta, Aswatara, Satyajit, Viswamitra and Suryavarca-these run the month of Kartika. These constitute the glory of the Sun-god, who is none other than Lord Visnu. They take away the sin of those who remember them morning and evening both day after day.



  1. The group of seven already referred to in Book Five consists of a pair each of sages, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Nagas, Yaksas, Raksasas, and the sun-god himself as the seventh-Vide V.xx.i. 18. f The names of the sun-god, Apsara etc., in verse 34 et eq have been arranged In the order followed in verse 33.

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