Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 10:26-37

Book 12: Chapter 10

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 10: Verses 26-37

Suta took up the thread again : The sage did not feel sated while drinking in the words of Lord Siva (who wears the crescent as an ornament on His head), which were full of the secret of Dharma (virtue) and the (very) abode of nectar (as it were) to the ears. Having been made to revolve for long by the Maya (deluding potency) of Lord Visnu, and subjected to a severe trial, the sage was relieved of all his afflictions by the nectar-like words of Lord Siva and spoke to Him (as follows). The sage submitted: Oh, this pastime of the almighty Lord is difficult to conceive for embodied creatures (like us), following which Rulers of the universe bow to and glorify those who deserve to be commanded (by Them) In order to teach righteous conduct (to the people at large) those teachers of embodied beings as general rule not only practise such conduct (themselves) but also express approbation of and applaud it when practised (by others).The glory of the almighty Lord (in You) is not (however) marred by such (exemplary) conduct-in the shape of those actions (such as bowing to us), which are (but) the operation of Your Maya (enchanting potency)-any more than the enchanting power of an enchanter by his conjuring tricks. Hail to that almighty Lord (in You), who, having evolved the universe by His thought (alone) and (then) entered it in the form of the Jiva (individual soul), appears, like a dreaming man, as the doer through the (three) Gunas (modes of Prakrti)-which are the (real) agents-and who, though (appearing as) endowed with the three Gunas, is (yet) their Controller absolute and one without a second, and the Preceptor (of all) in the form of the Veda ! What greater boon shall I ask (of You), 0 Perfect One, than Yourself, whose (very) sight is blessed (nay,) through whose sight man bids fair to get sated and become true of resolve ? Nonetheless I ask one boon of You-who are not only self-sufficient (Yourself) but shower blessings (on Your devotees)-viz., unfailing devotion to the almighty Lord (Visnu), and those devoted to Him, as well as to Yourself Suta further said : Thus worshipped and glorified by the sage in sweet words, Lord Siva (the Destroyer of the universe), supported by His Consort too, addressed him (thus) "Full of Devotion as you are to Lord Visnu (who is above sense-perception), 0 great sage, let all this desire (of yours) be fulfilled; let your fame endure till the end of the Aalpa; let religious merit and immunity from old age and death be enjoyed by you and let knowledge relating to the past, present and future and Self-Realization coupled with dispassion and the teachership of a Purana fall to your lot, invested as you are with Brahmanical (spiritual) glory."



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