Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 10:12-25

Book 12: Chapter 10

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 10: Verses 12-25

Opening his eyes, Markandeya beheld Lord Rudra, the one Preceptor of (all) the three worlds, arrived (in his hermitage) alongwith (His Divine Spouse) Uma and His entourage, and saluted Him with his head bent low. He did worship to the Lord alongwith Uma and His attendants-by according them (a hearty) welcome, offering seats, water to wash their feet and hands with, sandal paste and garlands, and burning incense and lights-and submitted (as follows):--"What (service) can I do to You, 0 omnipresent Lord I who are sated through realization of Your own blissful nature, andbecause, of whom the (whole) world feels satisfied ? Hail to You, the all-propitious and all-tranquil Lord, the embodiment of Sattva, and (as such) the Delighter of all ! Hail to You, who are never frightful though assuming Rajas, and are never deluded though assuming Tamas ! Suta continued : Highly pleased, when extolled thus, the aforesaid Lord, the foremost of the gods and the resort of the righteous, heartily laughed, and with a cheerful mind replied to the sage (as follows). The glorious Lord said : Ask of Us a boon of your choice, since We three (viz., Brahma, Visnu and Myself) are Masters of those who are capable of granting boons. Our sight can never go in vain; it is through us that a mortal can attain immortality. Not only the guardians of the spheres including (the denizens of) those spheres but Myself, the glorious Brahma and the almighty Sri Hari Himself salute, worship and wait upon Brahmanas who are pious (by nature), tranquil (free from envy etc.), devoid of attachment, yet affectionate towards (all) created beings, are exclusively devoted to Us and (as such) free from animosity, and look upon all with an equal eye. They do not perceive the least difference between Me, Lord Visnu and Brahma (the birthless creator), nor between themselves and another living being; therefore, We resort to you. Sacred places do not consist of holy waters (alone) nor do lifeless idols alone represent the gods. They (the sacred waters and lifeless idols) purify a man through a long process of time, whereas (saints like) you purify through mere sight. We bow to the Brahmanas, who cherish our (verbal) manifestation in the form of the three Vedas through concentration of the mind, reflection, study and self-control. By merely hearing about you or seeing (people like) you even great sinners and the lowest born too get purified; what wonder, then, that people should get purified by conversing with you and so on.



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