Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 11 Chapter 7:13-23

Book 11: Chapter 7

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 11: Chapter 7: Verses 13-23

Sri Suka resumed : Thus instructed by the Lord, Uddhava, the great devotee of the Lord, 0 protector of men, fell prostrate before Him and, being eagerto know the truth, spoke to Him (as follows). Uddhava submitted : 0 Lord (Rewarder) of Yoga, 0 the ultimate end and support of Yoga, 0 the embodiment of Yoga ! 0 the Fountainhead of Yoga ! (it is) for my highest good that this cult of renunciation without any expectation of return has been preached by You. 0 all-pervading and all-embracing Lord' ! Such renunciation of the pleasures of sense is difficult (nay, well-nigh impossible) for those attached to sense-enjoyment; and more so for those who are not devoted to You: such is my conviction. I am ignorant, 0 Lord; for I am attached to this body and children, which are the creation of Your Maya. I am immersed in the notion of 'I' and 'Mine'. Therefore, instruct me, Your servant, that I may easily attain to that renunciation which has been taught by You. 0 Lord, 1 do not see, except You, anyone even among the celestials, who can give me instruction about the self-revealed Atma, the only Truth. (Even) Brahma and all these beings are deluded by Your Maya as they look upon external things as real. Therefore, afflicted as I am with sorrows and with my mind turned away from the world, 0 Lord, I, seek refuge in You, who are (no other than) Lord Narayana, the friend of (all) living beings, devoid of (all) defects, eternal and infinite, omniscient, the supreme Ruler of all, whose abode is the eternal Vaikui? tha ! The Lord replied : In this world those who are engaged in investigating the true nature of this world often lift themselves up by their own efforts and rid themselves of the craving for the pleasures of sense. The Atma itself is indeed the (infallible) guide of one's own self, especially in the case of man, inasmuch as by direct perception and inference he can work out his own good. In their human birth persons of ripe judgment and knowing the secret of Samkhya and Yoga (the paths of Knowledge and Action) directly and clearly perceive Me as their own Self endowed with all faculties. Numerous forms of living beings with one foot, with two, three, four or many feet and also without feet stand evolved by Me. Of them (all) the human body is (most) dear to Me. (And) here (in the human body) those who are ever vigilant directly discover Me, the Supreme Ruler-who cannot be perceived (by ordinary means of perception)-through assumption* based on evidences in the shape of material instruments (such as the intellect), which are (themselves) open to perception, as well as through inference on the same grounds.



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