Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 11 Chapter 14:14-24

Book 11: Chapter 14

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 11: Chapter 14: Verses 14-24

He who has bestowed his mind on Me no more aspires for the position of Brahma (the highest functionary ln the administration of the universe), much less for the realm of the great Indra (the ruler of paradise), still less for sovereignty over the entire globe, rulers hip of the subterranean worlds or mystic powers acquired through the practice of Yoga, nor does he seek (even) final beatitude (lit., cessation of rebirth for all time to come) divorced from Me. Neither Brahma (My own son) nor Lord Siva (who is My own Self) nor again Lord Balarama (My own elder brother) nor Goddess Sri (My better half) nor My own (divine) personality Is so very dear to Me as (a devotee like) you. ever dog the footsteps of him who is free from (all) expectation, is given to contemplation (on Me), composed, free from animosity and sees unity everywhere, in order that I may be cleansed (absolved from'The Kinnaras are so-called because they partially resemble human beings in their form or facial structures. #The Klrhpuru$as ((44 ""-' ~' are another class of semi-human beings partly resembling human beings and partly the stigma of not being able to repay My debt to him) by the dust of his feet (that is sure to fall on My person in that case). Others cannot realize My all-blissful character which is apprehended by those exalted souls who have nothing to call their own, whose mind is devoted to Me, who have subdued their passions and are fond of all living beings and whose understanding is unclouded by desires; (for) this character of Mine can be known only by those who are free from wants. Though attracted by objects of senses, My devotee, who has not (yet) been able to conquer his senses, is not generally overpowered by (such) objects, thanks to his powerful devotion (to Me). (Even) as fire which has fully burst into flames reduces a pile of firewood to ashes, so does devotion directed towards Me (whatever its origin) burns one's sins in toto, 0 Uddhava ! Neither Yoga nor Sankhya nor righteousness nor study of the Vedas (or Japa of the Divine Name), austerity or renunciation captivates Me (so thoroughly) as does intense Devotion. I, the beloved Self of the righteous, can be captured (only) through exclusive Devotion coupled with reverence. Devotion concentrated on Me absolves even the pariahs (who cook and eat the flesh of dogs) from the stigma attaching to their birth. Piety accompanied by veracity and compassion or (even) learning coupled with askesis indeed does not thoroughly and once for all cleanse a mind destitute of Devotion. How can Devotion be known except through the hair standing on end or through one's heart melting or through tears of joy (trickling down one's cheeks) and how can one's mind be purified except through Devotion ? A man full of devotion to Me-who speaks in a voice choked with emotion, whose heart melts (through affection), who weeps incessantly (at the thought of his separation from Me) and sometimes laughs (when reminded of the inwardness of My pastimes), (nay,) who sings unabashed at the top of his voice and dances (out of joy)-purifies the (whole) world.



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