Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 88:13-25

Book 10: Eighty-eight (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 88: Verses 13-25

In order to illustrate this truth, the wise relate an ancient anecdote showing how by conferring a boon on the demon Vrka Lord Siva (who has His abode on Mount Kailasa) got into trouble. (Pariksit!) meeting (the celestial sage) Narada on the way, this evil-minded demon, Vrka by name, son of Sakuni, inquired (of him) which of the three gods (Brahma, Visnu and Siva) was quick to propitiate. The sage replied, " Betake yourself to Lord Siva. You will (thereby) gain your object very soon; He it is who is soon Pleased with a small measure of merit and gets angry equally quickly through a slight offence. pleased with Ravana (the ten-headed monster) and Bana (the demon), who (simply) glorified Him like bards, He conferred (on them) immense wealth and power, and courted serious trouble thereby (in that Ravana uprooted His very home, Mount Kailasa, while Bana secured from Him a boon that He should ever guard his city)." _Instructed thus (by Narada), the demon worshipped Lord Siva (the Destroyer of the universe), propitiating Him by means of (oblations of) his own flesh out of his body through the mouth of fire at the sacred spot of)Kedara (a summit of the Himalayas). Unable to gain the sight of the Lord (even after worshipping Him in this way for six days) he proceeded out of despair, on the seventh day, to lop off with his sword his (very) head, the hair on which were wetted through a dip in the holy waters of that place, (and offer it as an oblation to Lord Siva). (O King !) the highly merciful Lord Siva (who wears matted locks on His head) rose out of the flames, (brilliant) like the god of fire, and, holding Vrka by the arms with His own, deterred the latter (from that terrible act) even as we would deter a friend from committing suicide. Through His blessed touch the demon was whole again.
The Lord said to him, "0 dear one, enough of this, no more of this. Ask of Me any boon of your choice, (and) I shall grant it to you. I should be pleased with (a little) water offered by men who resort to Me. Oh, in vain is this body tormented by you (so) cruelly." The highly wicked demon (thereupon) sought from the Lord a boon which was terrifying to all beings. (He said,) " On whosesoever head I should place my hand, let him die." Hearing that request, 0 scion of Bharata, Lord Rudra looked grave as it were (for a moment), and (then) laughingly said, " Amen!" He thus conferred on him a boon, which was as good as giving milk to a serpent. Thus assured (by the Lord), the said demon was as a matter of fact possessed with the desire of laying his hands on (Goddess) Parvati; and in order to test (the efficacy of) the boon, the demon, it is said, proceeded to place his hand on the head of Lord Sankara (Himself). The all-blissful Lord (now) got dismayed at His own act (of granting that boon). Trembling in great fear, He fled before the Asura, who now pursued Him. He covered the whole length of the earth and heavens and reached the very end of the cardinal points; but (finding the Asura still pursuing Him) ran (further) in a northerly direction. Finding no remedy for the trouble, all the great gods kept quiet. Finally Bhagavan Sankara went to the shining region of Vaikuntha, lying beyond the sphere of Prakrti.



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