Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 84:14-24

Book 10: Eighty-four (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 84: Verses 14-24

Sri Suka resumed : (Pariksit,) Bhagavan Sri Krsna is the possessor of unfailing wisdom. Hearing the above words from His lips, the sages kept silent. Unable to make out the meaning of those mysterious words, they got confounded. After long consideration they came to the conclusion that though the (Supreme) Lord of the universe, He was behaving like an ordinary man subject to the law of Karma just in order to teach a lesson to the world. Realizing this, they smiled and addressed Sri Krsna (the supreme Teacher of the world) as follows. The sages said: (Lord even) great progenitors of the world (like Marici) and the highest sages like us stand deluded by Your Maya (enchanting power). The almighty Lord of the universe, behind Your You behave like an ordinary creature, concealing Your true Self seemingly human activities. Oh, (all) Your sports are (really) most wonderful Just as the earth (though one) assumes different names and forms through its various products (viz., the tree, stone, jar etc., which are essentially the same as the earth), even so, though one, You assume various names and forms and, though static, You create and protect the universe and (finally) swallow up the same by Your own Self and (yet) these activities do not bind You. Oh, what is all this but a mere sport on Your part, 0 perfect one! (Lord,) though You are the (supreme) Spirit beyond the realm of Prakrti (Nature), You assume from time to time a Form made of pure Sattva for the protection of Your devotees and suppression of the wicked and by Your example maintain (and perpetuate) the eternal Vedic path.
(Really speaking) it is You who manifest Yourself in the form of the different castes and orders. (Lord,) the Vedas constitute Your immaculate heart; through askesis, study, meditation and Samadhi (absorption) You are realized there in both Your Manifest and Unmanifest aspects, as well as in Your transcendental aspect which is beyond these two (and is the substratum of both). Since You are known through the medium of the Vedas (which are stored in the heart of the Brahmanas), it is the Brahmanas who are the real medium of your realization. 0 Perfect One ! that is why You are the foremost patron of the Brahmanas, and that is why You honour them so much. In You lies the culmination of all blessings; You are the sole refuge of saints. Having met You today we have attained the fruition of our birth, learning, austerities and wisdom. (Lord!) Your wisdom is unbounded: You are the Supreme Spirit, the Embodiment of Truth, Knowledge and Bliss. You have concealed Your glory by Your own Yogamaya (enchanting power). We offer salutation to You as such. The kings assembled here, and even the Yadus, who enjoy life together (with You), do not (truly) know You as the Universal Soul, the Time-spirit and Ruler of the universe, veiled as You are by Your own Maya. As a dreaming person looks upon all objects of his dream as real, and regards his dream-formed body which is perceived (only) with the mind and exists in name alone-as his self, and not the body of his waking life, which is out of his mind for the time being, (even) so (in waking life) when the mind gets deluded by Maya in the form of the wandering of the senses among their objects which exist only in name, its discrimination gets clouded, and the Jiva fails to realize You who stand beyond the waking life.



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