Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 78:13-27

Book 10: Seventy-eight (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 78: Verses 13-27

Thus putting al end to Salva, with his famous aerial car Saubha, as well as Dantavaktra and his younger brother Viduratha, who could not be easily encountered by others, Bhagavan Sri Krsna; returned in triumph to Dwaraka. Men and gods extolled Him at the time for His extraordinary feat of arms. (Greatest of) sages, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, great serpents (like Vasuki), Apsaras, the manes, Yaksas, Kinnaras and Caranas all showered flowers on Him and sang of His victory. The city was decorated to commemorate His triumph over Hi enemies and principal Yadava warriors followed Him in procession as He entered the city. Pariksit, the Master of Yoga and almighty Ruler of the universe, Sri Krsna, thus enacts various sports in the world. To the ignorant He appeared now and then as the vanquished. But as a matter of fact, He always wins. Sri Balarama presently heard of the preparations of the Kurus for war with the Pandavas. He desired to remain neutral and therefore left Dwaraka on the pretext of going out for a dip in sacred waters. He first went to Prabhasa, took a plunge in the sea there and propitiated the gods, Rsis and manes by offering them water and human beings by feeding them. Thus, accompanied by (some) Brahmanas, He proceeded along the bank of the Saraswati in an upward journey, in the course of which He visited Prthudaka, Bindusara, Tritakupa, Sudarsana, Visala, Brahmatirtha, Cakratirtha and the spot where the Saraswati turns towards the east.
Thereafter, passing through the important places on the Jamuna and the Ganga, He came to Naimisaranya, where the sages were holding a religious concourse. They had taken a vow of prolonged Satsanga. When they saw Sri Balarama in their midst, the sages rose from their seats, welcomed Him, bowed to Him or blessed Him, according as it became their position, and worshipped Him. Honoured thus, when He had taken His seat alongwith His followers, Sri Balarama observed Romaharsana, the disciple of the great sage Vyasa, seated on the elevated seat meant for one who holds a discourse. Though a Suta by caste, he occupied a seat higher than the Brahmanas and neither rose from his seat, nor bowed to Him with joined palms. Getting angry at the sight, Sri Balarama said to the Brahmanas there. "How has this Suta, born as he is of an illegal union, viz., of a Ksatriya father and a Brahmana mother, taken into his head to occupy a seat higher than the Brahmanas and custodians of law like ourselves. The fool, therefore, deserves to be done to death. Being a disciple of the great sage Vyasa, under whom he has studied all the books on law, including the Itihasas and Puranas, he cannot plead ignorance either.Uncultured and arrogant, he falsely pretends to be a learned man. Since he has not been able to discipline his self, the instruction he has received is just like the part played by an actor on the stage. It can do no good to him not to anybody else. Those who make a show of righteousness, though not actually righteous, are more sinful than the unrighteous and deserve death at My hands. It is precisely for killing such people that I have descended on earth."



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