Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 76:16-29

Book 10: Seventy-six (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 76: Verses 16-29

Just as in the days of yore there was a bitter conflict between the Devas and Asuras, even so a fierce and thrilling battle ensued between the soldiers of Salva and the Yadavas. With the help of his celestial weapons Pradyumna broke in an instant the magic spell of Salva, the owner of Saubha, even as the sun dispels the darkness of the night. With twenty-five arrows having feathers of gold and iron tips and with the knots of their wood well polished, he pierced the commander-in-chief of Salva's army. With a hundred more he struck Salva (himself) and discharged one arrow each at his soldiers, ten each at his charioteers and three each at his horses. Seeing this great and wonderful feat of arms exhibited by the valiant Pradyumna, the soldiers on both sides admired him. (Pariksit,) the aerial car of Salva constructed by Maya contained such magical contrivances that now it appeared as many, and now as only one, now it appeared in the sky, and now disappeared altogether. The Yadavas, therefore, found it difficult to discover where it was at a particular moment.
Now it descended on the ground, now flew into the air, now perched on the summit of a hill, and now began to float on water. Like a rotating firebrand it went round and round hardly stopping at any point. Wherever Salva with his car and soldiers came within their sight, the generals of the Yadava army showered their arrows on them. Struck by those arrows, which burned, like the sun and fire and were unapproachable like venomous snakes, Salva's floating city and army sustained a severe blow, and Salva himself fainted. (Pariksit,) the Yadava warriors too were equally harassed by the volleys of arms showered by the generals of Salva's army; but they did not abandon their respective positions on the battle-field; for they thought that death in battle would secure happiness in the other world, whereas victory would establish their supremacy on the earth. (Pariksit), there was a minister of Salva (and a mighty warrior) Dyuman by name, to whom Pradyumna had previously dealt severe blows; he now suddenly attacked Pradyumna with a steel mace and striking a heavy blow with it gave a loud roar. The blow smashed the chest of Pradyumna, the chastiser of foes. Thereupon Daruka's son, his charioteer, knowing the canons of warfare, carried him away from the field. Regaining consciousness after about an hour, Pradyumna said to his charioteer, Oh, charioteer, you have done me a disservice by removing me from the field of battle. No one born in Yadu's race except me is known to have abandoned the battle-field. You are a weak-minded charioteer: you have certainly wronged me.



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