Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 69:13-21

Book 10: Sixty-nine Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 69: Verses 13-21

Narada saw Sri Krsna (the Lord of Yadus) seated there together with the mistress of the house (Rukmini), who was (herself) fanning the Lord with a chowrie provided with a gold handle, although she was constantly waited upon by thousands of maid-servants, who were equal to her in virtue, beauty, age and neat dress. Discerning the Devarsi, the almighty Lord (Sri Krsna), the foremost among the supporters of virtue, immediately rose from the bed of Sri (Rukmini) and, bowing low with His head, adorned with a crown, at the feet of the sage with joined palms, installed him on His own seat. (Pariksit,) Sri Krsna is the supreme Teacher of the world; having washed His feet the Ganga has become capable of purifying all. The Protector of holy men, He has earned the appropriate title of Brahmanya Deva by virtue of His (singular) devotion to the Brahmanas.
The Lord (therefore) washed the feet of the Devarsi and bore that water on His head. (Thereafter) the Lord, who was (no other than) the most ancient sage Narayana, the (eternal) companion of Nara, duly worshipped the celestial sage according to the prescribed rules (of worship) and, addressing him in measured words sweet as nectar, humbly said, " (Pray, tell Me,) My lord, what service we may render your holy self." Narada replied : 0 almighty Lord of the universe, it is no wonder that You love all Your devotees and chastise the wicked. 0 glorious Lord, You have come down to earth of Your own accord for the supreme welfare of all as well as for the sake of maintaining and protecting the world. We know this full well. (What a great fortune that) I have been enabled to day to enjoy the sight of Your (blessed) feet, which bring to mankind supreme peace and deliverance, which are ever contemplated at heart by Brahma and others possessed of infinite wisdom-the feet which are (as a matter of fact) like a rope with the help of which men fallen in the deep well of worldly life may rise above it. (Kindly) bless me that (wherever I may be) their thought may (ever) haunt me and I may go about contemplating on them. Dear Pariksit, then in order to ascertain the power of Yogamaya (divine glory) of the Lord of all masters of Yoga Narada entered the mansion of another consort of Sri Krsna. (There) he saw Sri Krsna (engaged in) playing at dice with His beloved consort and Uddhava. There also the Lord stood up (at the sight of the sage), offered him a seat and worshipped him with supreme devotion. Then, like one who was unaware of the sage's arrival, He said, "When did you come ? You are (established in the Self and) perfect, whereas we are imperfect beings. What service can we render to you ?



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