Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 68:16-28

Book 10: Sixty-eight Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 68: Verses 16-28

Reaching Hastinapura, Balarama stopped in a garden outside the city and sent Uddhava to Dhrtarastra with intent to ascertain the intention of the Kauravas. (Reaching the Kaurava court,) Uddhava duly saluted Dhrtarastra, Bhisma, Drona, Bahlika (Bhisma's uncle) and Duryodhana and informed them of Balarama's arrival. The Kauravas were greatly delighted to hear of the arrival of Balarama, their best friend, and, treating Uddhava with honour, all went forth to receive Balarama, taking festal presents in their hands. They received Balarama with due honours and offered Him Arghya (water for washing His hands with) and a cow; and such of them as knew His greatness saluted Him with their heads (bent low). When both parties had inquired after each other's welfare and health and learnt that their mutual friends and relations were doing well, Balarama forthwith spoke these fearless words: "Hear with an attentive mind what the king of kings, the mighty Ugrasena, has enjoined you to do and carry it out without delay. He says: I hear that many of you combined by unrighteous means to overpower Samba who fought single-handed respecting the laws of war, and that you have taken him prisoner. I have, however, tolerated this with intent to maintain harmony among friends and relations.
(Therefore, do not extend the quarrel, release Samba from captivity and allow him to come to us with his newly wedded wife.)" Pariksit, enraged to hear these haughty words of Baladeva, inspired as they were with a sense of virility, strength and gallantry and (quite) becoming of His own power, the Kauravas replied (as follows): "Oh, what a great wonder it is that by force of Time, so hard to overcome, the shoe actually aspires to mount the head, which is occupied by the crown. Bound by conjugal ties and allowed to share our bed, seat and food, and favoured with a royal throne by us, the Yadavas were exalted to a position of equally with us. They enjoy the use of a chowrie, fan, conch, white umbrella, crown, a royal seat and bed through our sufferance. They should no longer be allowed to retain these royal insignia, which are proving adverse to the giver even as milk offered to a serpent. Elevated (in rank) through our grace, they have now shamelessly begun to command us. What a pity ! Just as a ram dare not seize the prey of a lion, how could even Indra (the celestial king) enjoy what is not offered to him by Bhisma, Drona, Arjuna and other Kuru chiefs ?"



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