Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 66:30-43

Book 10: Sixty-six Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 66: Verses 30-43

Sankara said, " With the help of Brahmanas worship the sacred fire called Daksinagni, according to the Abhicara method (employed for malevolent purposes). That fire, accompanied by Pramathas (the attendants of Sankara) will accomplish your purpose (even) as a priest appointed to carry out one's wishes. It will, however, be powerless against one who is devoted to Brahmanas." Thus commanded (by Lord Sankara), Sudaksina did as he was bid, observing strict discipline and directing the Abhicara force against Sri Krsna. As soon as the Abhicara was over, the god of fire emerged in person from the sacrificial pit, assuming a very terrible form. His locks, moustaches and beard looked red like heated copper; his eyes emitted sparks of fire. His (large and protruding) teeth and threatening eyebrows gave him a stern appearance; he was licking the corners of his mouth with his tongue; his naked body threw out flames of fire. Flourishing a trident (in his hand), he strode the earth with legs as tall as a palm tree. Making the earth tremble under his feet and burning the cardinal points, he rushed towards Dwaraka, followed by spectress. At the sight of that Abhicara fire rushing towards them, the people of Dwaraka were all frightened, even as the deer get frightened at the sight of a forest conflagration. They ran in consternation to the Lord, who was playing at dice in His court, and said, " O Ruler of the three worlds, protect us, 0 protect us, from the fire that is about to consume the city." Hearing of this distress of His people, and seeing (the cause of) their fear, Sri Krsna (the protector of His devotees) laughed loudly and heartily and said, "Do not be afraid, l shall protect you (from this danger)." Lord Sri Krsna is a witness of all that happens within and without all creatures.
He at once came to know that it was the Krtya (a malevolent force) of Lord Siva (released from Kati). He commanded His discus (Sudarsana), that stood by His side, to nullify the Krtya. Brilliant like millions of suns, and flaming forth like the fire of universal destruction, the discus Sudarsana, the (favourite) missile of the Lord, lighted up heaven and earth as well as the intervening region and the (four) quarters with its lustre and forthwith subdued the Abhicara fire. Repulsed by the force of Sri Krsna's weapon, the magic fire known by the name of Krtya had its force blunted and, turning back, returned to Kati and burnt up Sudaksina and his priests, by whom it had been released. Following the Krtya, Sudarsana, the discus of Sri Krsna, entered Kati and, reducing the whole city to ashes alongwith its high towers, assembly halls, houses, market-places, big gates, attics, granaries, treasuries, the stalls for elephants, horses and chariots and dining halls, returned to Dwaraka and stood once more by the side of Sri Krsna, who did everything as a matter of sport. The man who hears attentively, or relates, the story of this exploit of the glorious Lord (Sri Krsna) is completely rid of all sins.

Thus ends the sixty-sixth discourse entitled " Paundraka and others killed (by Sri Krsna) ", in the latter half of Book Ten of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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