Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 64:14-26

Book 10: Sixty-four Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 64: Verses 14-26

Adorning with clothes etc., the best of youthful Brahmanas, who were even-minded and possessed of noble qualities and character, who came of a family suffering from want and who were pledged to truth, noted for their austerities and generous in imparting the knowledge of the Vedas (to their students), I used to give those cows to them. I also gave away a number of oxen, lands, gold, houses, horses, elephants, girls with maid-servants, (piles of) sesamum seeds, silver, beds, clothes, jewels, household articles and chariots. (Besides these) I performed (many) sacrifices and carried out several works of public utility. (On a certain day,) a cow belonging to a holy Brahmana (who never accepted any gift and was devoted to austerities) strayed and mingled with my cattle and, ignorant of the fact, I gave it away to some (other) Brahmana. While it was being led away (by the latter), the real owner saw it and said to the Brahmana, " This is mine !" The Brahmana, who had received it as a gift from me, said, " This is mine; for King Nrga has given it to me." Both the Brahmanas, bent on establishing their respective claims, brought their dispute to me. One of them said, " You gave it to me." The other said, "If this is a fact, you must have stolen the cow." I was confounded to hear what they said. Placed on the horns of a dilemma, I tried to conciliate both (the Brahmanas) and said, " I shall give you one lakh of excellent cows; please give this over to me. I am your devoted servant. May you be pleased to forgive this fault committed unwittingly by me and save me from this embarrassing situation, which will lead me to dirty hell." The owner of the cow said, "O king ! I will in no case accept the offer made by you," and (abruptly) went away. The other (Brahmana also) departed saying, " (In exchange for this you offer me a lakh of cows, but) I am not inclined to take even ten thousand other cows." 0 God of gods, 0 Lord of the universe, in the meanwhile (on my death), I was taken by the messengers of Yama (the god of retribution) to his abode. There Yama inquired of me, "0 king, would you first reap the consequences of your evil deeds, or enjoy the fruit of your meritorious acts ? I do not see any limit to the charities and other virtues practised by you nor to the glorious life that awaits you (as their result)." I replied, "0 shining one, I shall first reap the consequences of my evil deeds." (Instantaneously) the god of Death said, " Fall (then)", and falling from there, 0 Lord, I found myself transformed into a chameleon. 0 Krsna, a servant of the Brahmanas and liberal in my gifts, I was devoted to You and ever craved for a direct vision of You. It is therefore that my memory of the past has not been lost even today. 0 Lord, You are the Supreme Self contemplated and realized in their pure heart by the masters of Yoga through the eye of the Upanisads. I therefore wonder how You, who are beyond sense-perception, came here directly within my sight, whose reason is blinded by the sufferings of various kinds; for You are visible to him alone whose release from the bondage of transmigration is near.



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