Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 60:12-24

Book 10: Sixty Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 60: Verses 12-24

Afraid of kings, 0 beautiful one, ourselves have sought refuge in the ocean, have entered into enmity with the strong and have well-nigh relinquished the royal throne. 0 lovely one ! generally those women suffer, who follow the track of men whose ways are not clear and who are treading the paths unrecognized by the world. We are penniless and are ever loved by the poor. Therefore, 0 lady of slender waist, the well-to-do, as a matter of fact, do not generally resort to Me. Marriage and friendship should be contracted between those two who are equal to each other in wealth, birth, sovereignty, exterior and future prospects, and never between a superior and an inferior. 0 princess of Vidarbha ignoring these facts due to your short-sightedness, you (wrongly) selected (for a husband) us, who, though praised for nothing by beggars, are (really) devoid of merits. Even now choose you an eminent Ksatriya who is a match for you. Through him shall you find the desires of your heart fulfilled both here and hereafter. Kings like Sisupala (the ruler of Cedi), Salva, Jarasandha and Dantavaktra, nay, your own elder brother Rukmi too bear enmity towards me, 0 handsome lady It. was in order to curb the pride of those haughty kings, who had grown blind under the intoxication of their might that you were brought by Me, the eclipser of the wicked, 0 auspicious one.
Having no desire of women, progeny and wealth, we are really indifferent (to the world), remain steeped in a sense of fullness through Self-Realization, are unattached to home or the body and doing no work remain as a witness only like a light. Sri Suka resumed : Having spoken this much to Rukmini, who looked upon herself by virtue of her constant presence by His side as His most beloved wife, the Lord, who sought to uproot her pride, became silent. Hearing, then, these unwelcome words-such as had been never heard before-of her beloved Husband, the Lord of the three worlds, the glorious lady was struck with terror and, shuddering at heart and shedding tears, she was actually plunged into endless grief. With her speech choked with excessive anguish she stood (there) scratching the ground with her tender feet gleaming red due to its (ruddy) nails, soaking both the breasts-painted with saffron-by her tears rendered black through collyrium and with her face cast down. Severe agony, fear and grief had so obliterated her reason that the fan dropped from her hand which (shrivelling immediately) allowed the bracelets to slip off. The body too of that lady, who had lost control over her mind, swooning suddenly, fell down with dishevelled hair like a banana tree uprooted by the wind,



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