Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 56:16-27

Book 10: Fifty-six Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 56: Verses 16-27

Having killed Prasena, horse and all, and snatched the gem (out of curiosity because of its uncommon lustre), a lion was, while entering its mountainous cave, made short work of by ,Jambavan (the celebrated king of bears of Ramayana fame), who wished to have it. The latter for his part used the gem as a plaything for his boy. Not finding his brother (back), Satrajit, the other brother, felt very miserable. (He said to his own people,) "Surely my brother, who had gone to the forest with the gem about his neck, has been killed by Sri Krsna !" Hearing that, people (of a malicious disposition) spread the rumour in a whisper from ear to ear. When the Lord learnt this, He followed the tracks (of the horse carrying) Prasena alongwith some citizens (of Dwaraka) in order to wipe off the imputation cast on Him. Discovering (first) Prasena as well as his horse killed in the forest by a lion, people further saw the lion (itself) killed on the mountain side by a bear. The Lord stationed the people outside and entered alone the fearful cave of Jambavan (the king of bears), covered with thick darkness. Espying there the excellent gem converted into a toy for an infant, and resolved to carry it away, the Lord waited there by side of the babe. The nurse shrieked as though afraid to see that wonderful human being (but really on perceiving the latter's intention to carry the gem away). Enraged to hear the scream, Jambavan, the foremost of the mighty, rushed to meet Him.
Thinking Him to be an ordinary mortal and failing to perceive His greatness (divinity), Jambavan, full of rage, actually fought with the said almighty Lord, his own Master. A most tumultuous duel ensued between the two, keen as they were to overthrow each other, like a pair of hawks contending for a piece of flesh, and fought with weapons (such as a mace), rocks, trees and (bare) arms and (finally) struck each other with their fists-which fell as severely as the strokes of lightning. The combat raged day and night without a pause for (as many as) twenty-eight days. Having his many joints and muscles pounded with the strokes of Sri Krsna's fists and his strength and courage (too) depleted and limbs perspiring (all over), Jambavan spoke to Him (thus), highly astonished (at this unexpected discomfiture, which he had never experienced before):- "1 (now) conclude You to be (none else than) the all-powerful Visnu, the most ancient Person, the suzerain Lord, (nay), the life-energy, the organic power, the strength of mind as well as the bodily strength of all created beings. Indeed You are the Creator (even) of Brahma and others (the progenitors of the universe), as well as the Reality that underlies (as the material cause of) even created substances (such as the Mahat-tattva), the Ruler, in the form of the Time-Spirit, of those that control and destroy others, the supreme Self of (all) embodied souls.



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