Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 53:18-31

Book 10: Fifty-three Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 53: Verses 18-31

Having made up their mind that they would jointly contend with Sri Krsna in case He should go there accompanied by Balarama and other Yadus and (endeavour to) take away the bride, the (aforesaid) kings had all arrived there with their entire host and all their mounts. Hearing of this (collective military) effort on the part of kings belonging to the opposite party, and of Sri Krsna having gone all by Himself (presumably) to take away the princess, Lord Balarama apprehended strife. Overwhelmed with fraternal affection (therefore), he proceeded post haste to Kundinapura accompanied by a huge army consisting of elephants, horse, chariots and foot-soldiers. Yearning for the arrival of Sri Hari (Sri Krsna) and not seeing the Brahmana return, the beautiful daughter of Bhisma thereupon thought (within herself) as follows:- "Ah, my wedding, unlucky as I am, comes off (only) after the interval of a night. The lotus-eyed Lord (however) has not (yet) turned up. I do not know the reason for it. Even the Brahmana who bore my message has not returned till this moment.
Perhaps having found (later on) something disgusting in me, the Lord (who is faultless in character) is surely not coming (to Kundinapura now) to marry me, though prepared (to leave Dwaraka in the first instance). (That is why the Brahmana too, whom the Lord would have otherwise brought with Him, has not been able to reach Kundinapura in time, coming as he is on foot disappointed and disheartened. Neither Brahma (the ordainer of events and the dispenser of fruit of one's good or evil actions) nor Siva (the supreme Lord) is propitious to me. And Goddess Gauri, the Daughter of Himalaya (the king of mountains) and the virtuous Spouse of Lord Siva (too) is unfavourable to me." Pondering thus, the young maiden, whose mind had been ravished by Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows) and who knew that the time was not suitable for shedding tears (which is considered inauspicious on festive occasions), closed her eyes, bedimmed (as they were) with tear-drops. (Meanwhile) the left thigh, arm and eye of the bride, who had thus been awaiting the arrival of Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows), throbbed, auguring delightful news, 0 king ! Specially instructed by Sri Krsna (to report His arrival), the same Sunanda (the foremost of Brahmanas)-so the tradition goes-forthwith saw the princess, who dwelt in the gynaeceum and shone brightly (with joy born of her meeting with Sri Krsna in contemplation).
Full of bright smiles to find him wearing a cheerful countenance and unfaltering of gait (which bespoke the success of his mission), the said virtuous maiden-who could read what was in the mind of another from the latter`s facial expression and other indications-made detailed inquiries of him (about Sri Krsna). He apprised her of Sri Krsna (a scion of Yadu) having come, and (further) conveyed to her the unfailing assurance[1] given (by the Lord) about taking her (to His home at Dwaraka. Delighted at heart to know for certain the fact of His having arrived (at Kundinapura) and seeing no other boon worth conferring on the Brahmana (in return for his unique service in the form of bringing Sri Krsna to her), the said Rukmini (the princess of Vidarbha) bowed to him (and thereby expressed her lasting indebtedness to him, which automatically entitled him to infinitely more than the wealth of the entire universe, She being no other than Laksmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity).



  1. Vide verse 3 above.

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