Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 52:32-40

Book 10: Fifty-two Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 52: Verses 32-40

A discontented Indra (the ruler of gods) too only migrates one after another to the higher worlds (and knows no rest); while a contented soul, even though destitute, enjoys a sound sleep, with all his limbs (including his mind) free from anguish. I salute again and again with My head (bent low) pious and placid Brahmanas contented with whatever is got unasked and most friendly to (all) created beings, yet free from egotism. Are you (all) enjoying security, 0 Brahmana, at the hands of your king ? Indeed he is dear to Me, in whose dominion the people, protected by him, live happily. If not secret, (pray,) tell us everything-whence and seeking what you have come to this place crossing the sea (which is so difficult to cross). What work of yours can we do ?" Politely asked (all) these relevant questions by Sri Krsna the Supreme Ruler of the universe)-who had assumed an embodied form for the sake of (mere) fun-the Brahmana told Him everything (how the parents of Rukmini planned to give her away to Sri Krsna and how their plans were being thwarted by her eldest brother, Rukmi, who was in favour of marrying her to Sisupala, the ruler of Cedi, and had sent formal invitation to him). (He then delivered to Sri Krsna the following message either orally or in the form of a letter written by the princess herself). Rukmini says:-Having heard, 0 immortal Lord, most handsome in all the (three) worlds, of Your excellences--
which, entering deep into the heart through the apertures of the ears, dispel the agony of the hearts, 0 beloved one-as well as of Your charming appearance, which vouchsafes to those that have eyes all the blessings sought for by their eyes, my mind has been set on You, (all) shame having fled away from it. What noble, firm and high-born maiden, 0 Bestower of Liberation, will, not on her coming of age elect You as her husband-You, 0 Lion among men, who are Your own compeer in point of pedigree, good disposition, comeliness of form, learning, youthfulness, opulence and glory and ravish the mind of (all) mankind ? Hence you have indeed been elected by me as my husband, 0 Darling, and this body has been bestowed on You. (Pray,) take me to wife here (at my father's home). Let not Sisupala forthwith touch this share of a hero like a jackal defiling the quarry of a lion, 0 lotus-eyed Lord ! If the almighty Lord (Narayana), the Supreme Ruler (of the universe), has thoroughly been propitiated (by me) through works of public utility (such as the digging c f wells and tanks, construction of temples, laying out gardens and distribution of foodgrains), sacrificial performances, charitable gifts, religious observances (such as taking a dip in holy waters), fasting, offering worship to gods, the Brahmanas, elders and so on, may Sri Krsna (the elder Brother of Gada) and not others such as Sisupala (the son of Damaghoa) come and espouse me.



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