Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 51:31-45

Book 10: Fifty-one Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 51: Verses 31-45

May You, 0 Jewel among men, tell us-who are sincerely eager to hear-about your birth (pedigree), doings or family name, if it pleases you. We, for our part, 0 Tiger among men, are Ksatriyas by caste and belong to the race of Ikswaku (Personally) I am sprung from the loins of Mandhata (son of Yuvanaswa), and called by the name of Mucukunda, 0 Lord. Wearied with vigil extending over long ages (while engaged in protecting the gods against the onslaughts of the demons) and with my senses overpowered by sleepiness, I had lain asleep in this lonely cave undisturbed till I was aroused (just) now by someone (not known to me). He too has been reduced to ashes surely by his own sin. Immediately afterwards was noticed (by me) Your glorious Self, the Destroyer of foes. Dazzled by Your unbearable effulgence, we are unable to look at You for a long time, 0 highly blessed One! (All the same we can easily perceive that) You deserve to be honoured by (all) embodied souls. Respectfully addressed in these words by the king, the Lord, who is the Protector of (all) created beings, heartily laughed and replied (as follows) in a voice deep as the rumbling of clouds. The glorious Lord said: My descents, exploits and appellations, 0 beloved one, number thousands and cannot actually be counted even by Me (omniscient as I am) because of their being infinite (in number). Someone might have at any time (in the past) been able through many lives to count the particles of dust on the earth; but one could never reckon My excellences, exploits and names or (even) My descents.
The greatest sages (like Narada and Sanaka) cannot reach the end of My descents and doings relating to the past, present and future if they (try to) enumerate them in order. Nevertheless, 0 beloved monarch, hear from Me, as I tell you, of those relating to the present day. Prayed to of yore by Brahma (the creator) for the vindication of virtue and the extermination of the demons that were proving a (veritable) burden to the earth, I have appeared in the house of Anakadundubhi (Vasudeva) in the race of Yadu. They call Me by the name of Vasudeva because of My being the most distinguished son of Vasudeva (although I have been known by this name even before in a different sense of course). (As regards My exploits) the demon Kalanemi, born as Kamsa, has been killed (by Me), as well as Pralamba and other enemies of the righteous. And this Yavana has been burnt to death (by Me), 0 king, through your fiery eyes. Having been repeatedly entreated by you before, I the said Vasudeva, have come to this cave (but) for the purpose of showering My grace on you, fond as I am of My devotees. Ask boons of your choice (of Me), 0 royal sage; I shall confer on you all your desired objects. No body who has sought Me for protection will have cause to grieve any more. Sri Suka continued : Recollecting the prediction* of sage Garga (the elder) and realizing Sri Krsna to be (non else than) Lord Narayana, when addressed in these words (by the Lord), Mucukunda bowed low to Him and, full of joy, spoke (as follows).



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