Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 51:15-30

Book 10: Fifty-one Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 51: Verses 15-30

He was entreated for their protection by the hosts of gods led by Indra, who were terribly afraid of the demons; and (accordingly) he ensured their safety for a long time. Having found in Guha (the younger son of Lord Siva), a guardian of heaven, they now said to Mucukunda, "0 king, cease you (now) from the uphill task of protecting us on all sides; Since you have been (busy) protecting us (all along), having completely renounced your kingdom on the mortal plane-which had (all) its enemies wiped out (by you)-all your enjoyments have ceased. Nay,) your sons and wives and (other) relations, ministers and counsellors, and even the people of your time survive no more having been swept away (by the cruel hand of Death). The Time-Spirit is mightier than the mighty; (nay,) it is the almighty and immortal Lord (Himself). Like a herdsman driving a herd it sweeps away created beings in (mere) sport. May good betide you, ask of us today any boon other than Liberation; (for) the imperishable Lord Visnu is the sole authority capable of granting it." Thus addressed (by them), King Mucukunda of great renown respectfully saluted the gods and, entering deep into the (aforesaid) cave[1], and overpowered by (a very long spell of) sleep, vouchsafed by the gods (in response to his prayer), lay down to repose (there). (The gods further said to him,) "Let him, however, who thoughtlessly awakens you, when fallen into sleep, in the middle, be instantly reduced to mere ashes when but seen by you." On the Yavana having (thus) been converted into ashes, Lord Sri Krsna (the foremost of the Yadus) showed Himself to the wise Mucukunda.
Beholding the Lord-darkbrown as a cloud, clad in yellow silk, bearing the mark of Srivatsa on His breast, irradiated with the brilliant Kaustubha gem, endowed with four arms, splendid with a garland of sylvan flowers, wearing a lovely and cheerful countenance, and adorned with a pair of shining alligator-shaped ear-rings, captivating to the sight of human beings, enlivened with a loving smile and endearing glances, possessed of a charming youth, walking with the charming gait of a proud lion, and formidable as it were by His glory-and overwhelmed by His lustre, the king who was possessed of a great wisdom, was filled with awe and slowly inquired of Him (as follows). Mucukunda submitted : Who may you be, arrived in the mountain cave, and how is it that you roam about in this forest abounding in thorns with your feet tender as the petals of a lotus ? Are you the effulgence (incarnate) of the effulgent, or the glorious fire-god, the sun-god, the moon-god or the mighty Indra (the ruler of paradise) or any other Lokapala (guardian of a particular sphere) ? I consider You to be (no other than) Lord Visnu, the Supreme Person) out of the three rulers of gods (Brahma, Visnu and Siva) as (is clear from the fact that) You are dispelling the darkness of this cave (as well as the darkness of ignorance enveloping my mind) by Your (very) effulgence even as a lamp.



  1. The cave is located to the south of Mathura near Dholpur in the Stale of Rajasthan.

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