Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 47:48-56

Book 10: Forty-seven Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 47: Verses 48-56

Who can dare withdraw his mind from the confidential talk of Sri Krsna (who is extolled by the most high, nay,) from whose person (bosom) Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity) never gets down even though He does not long for Her ? Alas ! the river (Yamuna), the mountain (Govardhana) and the forest lands (of Vrndavana), the cows and the notes of flutes over there, hallowed (as they are) by Sri Krsna coupled with Sankarsana (through association with Them), 0 mighty Uddhava, awaken again and again the memory of Sri Krsna (the Son of Nanda, the cowherd chief) through His footprints, the abodes of (all) charm and prosperity. Surely we cannot (therefore) forget Him. How can we forget Him--O Uddhava, we, whose mind has been captivated by His charming gait, pleasing laughter and playful glances as well as by His honeyed words? 0 Lord, 0 Spouse of Rama, 0 Saviour of Vraja, 0 Reliever of (our) agony, 0 Protector of cows, lift (the village of) Gokula out of the ocean of suffering, in which it lies plunged. Sri Suka went on : The Gopis, whose agony of separation (from the Lord) was (now) gone to a large extent, thanks to the messages received from Sri Krsna, (duly) worshipped Uddhava, recognizing him to be Sri Krsna Himself (who is above sense-perception) and (therefore) their very Self. He stayed for some months (there) in order to drive away the grief of the cowherd women. (Nay,) celebrating in song the story of the pastimes of Sri Krsna, he brought delight to (the entire village of) Gokula. As long as the aforesaid Uddhava lived in Nanda's Vraja the days passed like (so many) moments with the people of Vraja in talks about Sri Krsna. Eagerly observing the river, the woodlands and the dales as well as the trees in blossom and vividly reminding the inhabitants of Vraja of Sri Krsna (by questioning them about the pastimes connected with the various spots), Uddhava (the servant of Sri Krsna) spent his time in delight.



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