Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 46:36-45

Book 10: Forty-six Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 46: Verses 36-45

Grieve not, 0 highly blessed ones; you will (at no distant date) find Sri Krsna by your side. He dwells in the heart of (all) created beings (even) as fire (is latent) in wood. Indeed none is dear or unwelcome to Him, who is not identified with a (particular) body. Nor is anyone superior or inferior nor even unequal in His eyes, He being the same (to all). He has neither father nor mother, neither wife nor sons etc.: none is His own or alien to Him; nor can a body, much less birth or action be attributed to Him. Even as such He descends in high, low and mixed species (of life) in the world for the sake of pastime with a view to protecting . the virtuous. Though untouched by the (three) Gunas (modes of Prakrti), He assumes the qualities o of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, and, sporting with them, though (really) transcending them, the birthless Lord evolves, maintains and absorbs the universe by means of these Gunas here (in the realm of Prakrti). (Just) as when looked at with a revolving eye (by a revolving person) the earth is seen rotating or while the mind (alone) is the doer, the soul is recognized as such due to its identification with the mind, so is God held to be responsible for the creation etc., of the universe, although, as a matter of fact, the same is being done by the Gunas.
He, the divine Sri Krsna (the alleviator of the distress of all) is certainly not only your son; for He is the Son, the (very) Self, the Father, the Mother, (Nay,) the Ruler of all. (Nay,) nothing which is seen or heard of, has gone by or is (still) existent or which is (yet) to come, which is immobile or mobile, big or small, is really worth naming (when considered) apart from God; for He alone is everything, He alone is true. The night slipped past Nanda and Uddhava (Sri Krsna`s servant) while they were thus chatting, 0 king ! Quitting their bed (towards the close of night), kindling their lights and duly worshipping (on the threshold etc.), the deities presiding over their house the cowherdesses (of Vraja) began to churn their curds. With rows of bangles round their wrists pulling the cords (that revolved the churning-staff), their cheeks shining with (bright) ear-rings (that rocked with the motion of their arms), and their faces painted with red saffron (a product of the Balkh territory), the Gopis looked very charming with gems (in their girdle etc.), brightened by the lights, their hips, breasts and necklaces shaking (all the time).



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