Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 46:24-35

Book 10: Forty-six Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 46: Verses

They killed in mere sport Kamsa, who possessed the strength of (not less than) ten thousand elephants, and (his) two (principal) wrestlers (Canura and Mustika) as well as Kuvalayapida (the chief of his elephants) (just) as a lion (the king of beasts) would kill (a number of) animals. Krsna snapped the most powerful bow (of Kamsa) measuring 3 Talas (equivalent to 27 spans[1]), (even) as a leader of elephants would break a sugarcane, and held the (Govardhana) hill with one hand for a (full) week. (Nay,) by the two brothers were sportfully slain here (in this land of Vraja) the demons Pralamba, Dhenuka, Arista, Trnavarta, Baka and others, who had conquered gods as well as demons." Sri Suka continued Thus vividly remembering again and again all about the two Brothers Nanda, whose mind was full of love for Sri Krsna, kept quiet, seized as he was with excessive longing and overwhelmed with a flood of love. Hearing of her Son's exploits being recounted (as aforesaid), Yasoda too shed tears (of love), her breasts overflowing with (maternal) affection. Perceiving such supreme love of Nanda and Yasoda for Lord Sri Krsna Uddhava joyfully spoke to Nanda (as follows).

Uddhava said : Indeed you two (YaSoda and Nanda) are the most praiseworthy of (all) embodied beings here (on this earth), 0 bestowerof honour (on us all, of being the servants of the Lord, who has been made available to us only through you), in that such (unique) love has been conceived by you for Sri Krsna (who is no other than Lord Narayana), the Father and Controller of all. Indeed Balarama and Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation)-They are (both) the material and the efficient cause of the universe; They are also the Purusa (individual soul) and Pradhana (primordial Matter). (Nay,) entering into the (various) living organisms They control the various types of consciousness (in the form of the individual soul conditioned by those organisms), eternal (beginningless) as They are. Focussing (even) one's impure mind on Sri Krsna (merely) for an instant at the time of death one speedily attains the supreme goal, burning the store of Karma and becoming one with Brahma (the Absolute) and attaining a form consisting of Sattva unmixed with Rajas and Tamas. You cherish (such) great devotion to that Supreme Spirit, Lord Narayana, the Soul as well as the Source of all, who has assumed a human semblance for some purpose. What meritorious act remains to be done by you two (under the circumstances)? At no distant date will the divine Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord), the Protector of the Yadus, come (back) to Vraja and bring delight to (you) His parents. Sri Krsna will make good what He told you[2]on coming back after killing Kamsa, the enemy of the Yadus, in the midst of an (open) assembly.



  1. so says the lexicographer Devabodha.
  2. vide verse 23 of Discourse XLV above

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