Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 46:13-23

Book 10: Forty-six Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 46: Verses 13-23

It abounded in groves in full blossom on all sides and was rendered noisy with the notes of birds and the humming of black bees and was graced with beds of lotuses crowded with swans and Karandavas (a species of ducks). Delighted to meet and embrace that beloved servant of Sri Krsna, arrived at his door, Nanda showed him (every) regard, looking upon him as Sri Krsna (Himself). When he had been (duly) treated to rice boiled in milk with sugar (which has been regarded as the best food) and was comfortably seated in a couch and had been relieved of his fatigue by kneading his feet and other (such) services (rendered by a servant), Nanda enquired of him (as follows):- "Is our friend, Vasudeva (the delight of Sura), 0 dear Uddhava, doing well, 0 highly blessed one, (now that he is) free (from bondage), united with his sons and others (wives and so on) and surrounded by his near and dear ones ? Luckily (enough for us) the wicked Kamsa-who always hated the pious Yadus, that are given to (the practice of) virtue-has been killed alongwith his followers (younger brothers) by his own sin.
Does Krsna remember us and his mother (sitting there), (other relations) and playmates, the cowherds (in general), (the people of) Vraja, that looked upon him as its protector, the cows, (the woodland of) Vrndavana and the (Govardhana) hill ? Will Sri Krsna (the protector of cows) come over (to this place but) once to see his own people ? Then (only) we shall (be able to) behold his countenance with a shapely nose and winsome smiles and glances. We were protected from forest fire, storm and rain, the demon Arista (who came disguised as a bull) and a python (named Sudarsana)-perils that were (so) difficult to overcome-by Sri Krsna, who is exceedingly magnanimous. (Even) as we remember the exploits of Sri Krsna, his sportful sidelong looks, laughter and talk, O dear Uddhava, all our activities get slackened. (Nay) our mind gets absorbed in him as we behold the streams, hills and woodlands as well as the playgrounds graced by the footprints of Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation). I look upon Krsna and Balarama too as the foremost of divinities come down here (on this earth) for (accomplishing) some momentous purpose of the gods, as the word of Garga indicated.



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