Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 44:24-38

Book 10: Forty-four Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 44: Verses 24-38

Precisely in the same manner was Mustika struck violently with his palm by the mighty Balabhadra, who had also been struck with his fist by the latter in the first instance. Violently shaken and sore afflicted, and vomiting blood from his mouth, he dropped lifeless on the ground like a tree blown down by the wind. Balarama, the foremost of warriors, playfully and scornfully slew with his left fist Kuta (another reputed wrestler), who came up next (to wrestle). That very moment Sala (another of Kamsa's wrestlers) had his head knocked off with Sri Krsna's foot, while Tosala (the other wrestler of repute) was split into two (like a blade of grass) and both fell down (dead). Canura, Mustika, Kuta, Sala and Tosala, having (thus) been despatched, all the remaining wrestlers ran away anxious to save their life. Drawing near them Their cowherd mates and closing with them, the two Brothers sported (in the arena), while the trumpets were being sounded, dancing (at intervals) with Their anklets jingling. With the exception of Kamsa all the people (present there) exceedingly rejoiced over the achievement of Balarama and Sri Krsna. And pious men, including the foremost of the Brahmanas, exclaimed, "Well done ! bravo I!" The chief of the wrestlers having been struck down and the rest having fled away, Kamsa (the ruler of the Bhojas) stopped (the flourish of) his trumpets and, so the tradition goes, uttered the following injunctions:- "Drive out of the city the two ill-behaved sons of Vasudeva; confiscate the wealth of the Go pas and put in bonds the wicked Nanda.
On the other hand, let Vasudeva of evil mind, the vilest of all, be made short work of at once and so also Ugrasena, my father, who has sided with my enemy, alongwith his followers." While Kamsa was bragging thus, Sri Krsna (the unwearied Lord) flew into a rage and, springing with agility, speedily ascended the elevated dais (which Kamsa was occupying). Seeing Sri Krsna approaching as his very death, the heroic Kamsa rose at once from his seat and snatched up his sword and shield. Sri Krsna (who was possessed of formidable and terrible energy) quickly caught hold with a firm hand of Kamsa-who was moving right and left as a hawk in the air, sword in hand-(even) as Garuda (son of Kasyapa) would forcibly seize a serpent. Grasping him tightly by the hair, his diadem slipping off (even in the course _ of his being caught), and hurling him from the lofty dais to (the floor of) the arena, Lord Sri Krsna (who was no other than Lord Visnu with a lotus sprung from His navel), the Support of the universe, depending on none other than Himself, jumped down in person upon him. (Nay,) He dragged him hard, though fully dead, along the ground, the world witnessing it, (even) as a lion would drag an elephant. Very loud cries of "Alas ! Welladay !" uttered by all the people, 0 ruler of men, then arose (and rent the air).



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